The new – and secretly paid – faces of Coca-Cola

coca cola faces

Oh my. Coca-Cola was recently forced to list the organizations and scientists they fund. But it turns out they’re also giving out plenty of money to individuals. Exactly who is detailed in this fantastic and sometimes hilarious investigation:

Medium: The New Faces of Coke

Turns out that most are dietitians with a flare for local media outreach — a surprising number of whom could be played by Kristen Wiig in the made-for-TV movie of this scandal.

Remember the professor who made big headlines for losing weight on a “Twinkie Diet”? Turns out he was paid by Coca-Cola. Perfectly aligned with their misleading message that weight loss is all about calories and personal responsibility (not about Coca-Cola).

Have you seen any dietitian recommending mini-Coca-Colas on blogs or TV, or any chef cooking with Coca-Cola? Turns out they were all likely paid by Coca-Cola, behind the scenes.

Have you seen a scientist on TV insisting that obesity is all about calories and the solution is all about exercise – perhaps he even wrote a book about it? He may very well have been paid by Coca-Cola.

It goes on and on and on, and it’s not pretty. Highly recommended reading:

Medium: The New Faces of Coke


The Coca-Cola Problem is Getting Uncomfortable – Coke Gets Dumped by Doctors and Dietitians

Exposed: The Scientists and Organizations Taking Sugar Money

“Coca-Cola Caught Funding Scientists Who Deflect Blame for Obesity Away From Sugary Drinks”


  1. Lewis
    You know what, Andreas?

    That montage should be coded so that as you mouse over each individual's face his or her name comes up.

    This is beyond a joke. It's unconscionable. There should be *naming* and shaming.

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  2. Eddie Mitchell
    Hi Andreas

    Much the same in the UK. Check out this story. It claims Prof Susan Jebb - the government's obesity tsar, a University of Oxford academic and an expert in a recent three-part BBC documentary series on obesity - has attracted more than £1.3m of industry funding. This includes money from Coca-Cola, Unilever and Cereal Partners.

    Prof Simon Capewell, from the University of Liverpool and an adviser for the group Action on Sugar, told the BBC: "I was shocked, quite honestly; this is heart-breaking news and basically it appears a lot of people have been seriously misled."

    He said there would be an "inherent conflict of interest" between profits and public health.
    "It's like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank," he concluded.

    Link to information here

    Kind regards Eddie

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  3. Apicius
    I really like your "naming and shaming" idea, Lewis. I would also add the institute where the "shameful idiots" got their nutritionist or dietician or science or medical degrees. Perhaps by shaming the institutes that grant certificates and degrees to idiots who go on to destroy humanity should motivate the institute to question the alma mater of idiots they are fostering. Today there is no accountability in the profession of nutrition...if we can highlight and expose how their alumni use their certificates and degrees to promote sugar and junk food, maybe it will wake up the institutional provosts.
  4. Dr Jay Wortman
    The same tactics were used by big tobacco when their product was threatened. At least today we have the benefit of social media to counteract this BS.
  5. chris c
    At least Susan Jebb is still slim unlike most of our dieticians, maybe she has the sense not to drink the stuff herself.
    Our Food Standards Agency, who used to make our dietary policy (basically import it from the US) was bankrolled by Unilever, and some of its staff including a past CEO were shareholders.
    The Government has taken the job of making dietary policy away from them and given it to the likes of Pepsico, McDonalds and Tesco. So no change there then.
  6. Cindy
    Thanks for the name and shame game. It really helps all of us make wiser choices. I post these articles to my facebook page for all my friends to see. The more we spread the word the bigger the impact.
  7. Jim
    When is this going to happen to the Humane Society and the Vegan movement? It has nothing to do with health and everything to do with saving animals. I find one Vegan Doctor and the other supported by the Humane Society of the USA.
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