Soylent halt sales of its food replacement as customers keep getting sick

Pouring a glass of soylent

Can this make you sick?

Is it a good idea to stop eating real food, and instead use the meal replacement powder Soylent? Maybe not, as it seems like customers keep getting sick, prompting the company to stop sales while they look for the cause:

Los Angeles Times: Soylent Halts Sales of Its Powder As Customers Keep Getting Sick

What’s in this Soylent drink? Soy protein, refined starch, sugar and canola oil – plus some vitamins and minerals. Not necessarily the perfect recipe for health – or food enjoyment.

If you actually want real food in your life, have a look at our recipes.


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  1. David
    Calling a product Soylent seems like bad marketing considering that Soylent Green is people. ;-)
    Are humans LCHF ?
  3. Low Carb Finn
    Yes, but only if they've eaten species typical food - meaning paleo, LCHF or similar. If they've eaten the modern industrial food or vegetable oils, the fatty acid composition of their bodies will not be healthy. So I would never eat a vegan, or anyone eating the recommended high-carb low fat diets. =)

    I also got an immediate association to the 'Soylent Green' movie. I wonder why the marketing department of that company did not test their name idea by googling. Pure stupidity.

  4. Janet
    Maybe they are all a lot younger than we are and not into cult Sci Fi!
  5. Isaac
    You guys realize they're going for the reference by shock value, right? Who was acting stupid again? Here they have you thinking and talking about them...
  6. Apicius
    Mmmm...soylent....colour of wall plaster...texture of liquid diarrhea...and tastes like snot.

    Seriously...who created this disaster?

  7. Low Carb Finn
    Isaac: What does it matter whether we talk about them or not, if I'm never ever going to buy any of their products anyway? (Or anything industrialy made.)

    And it is quite improbable that the name choice was intentional, shock value as in 'food made from human flesh' does not appeal to the target group of this product.

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    keto chow is soylent that doesn't make you metabolically sick

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