Junk food can lead to early signs of diabetes in TWO DAYS

Fast Food

Researchers conducted an experiment to study the effects of the American diet. They recruited six men to eat a 6,000-calories-a-day diet consisting of pizza, hamburgers and other junk food (50% carbs) for a week.

Not surprisingly the men gained weight – on average 3.5 kilos (7.7 pounds). More interestingly every one of the six volunteers developed insulin resistance – an early sign of type 2 diabetes. This effect was apparent after only TWO days.

Constantly eating tons of junk food full of carbs can rapidly lead to type 2 diabetes. Doing the opposite might reverse type 2 diabetes. What’s the opposite? A low-carb diet combined with intermittent fasting.


  1. Bob Niland
    I'm amazed that a dangerous experiment like this can even pass IRB. Of course, when the official US diet is 60% of calories from carbs, and most of that from grains (which means wheat), plus "move more, eat less" idiocy, I can see how a bunch of donut-munching ethicists might gave it a pass.

    The researchers of course, drew entirely incorrect conclusions:
    "Excessive caloric intake acutely causes oxidative stress, GLUT4 carbonylation, and insulin resistance in healthy men"
    http://stm.sciencemag.org/content/7/304/304re7 (pay-walled)

    They need to run it again, this time replacing grains with selected fats. Won't happen, of course, as THAT won't pass IRB under today's insane metabolic dogma. Sam Felton has already run that trial anyway.

  2. Apicius
    I don't think the right message will get through to the general public, though. I don't think the general product will pick up on the dangers of high carb as they read through this study. The way they will interpret this study is the calorie in and out theory...as in eating lots if calories and no exercise is the root cause. If these guys would have done LCHF eating instead, the results would have been dramatically different.

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