The chocolate Cheerios miracle: Prevent heart disease with added sugar


Even by food industry standards, this beggars belief.

Chocolate Cheerios features the prominent text “May reduce the risk of heart disease” on the package, even though it’s really pure breakfast candy with a staggering 33% of the contents being added sugars (the rest is mostly starch).

Preventing heart disease? Hardly. It’s candy for breakfast. It’s perfect for people who want obesity and type 2 diabetes… which certainly does not prevent heart disease, quite the opposite.

How is this possible?

How can you claim that this candy can reduce the risk of heart disease? Because it’s low fat, of course. This is a typical failed low-fat product, full of added sugars. And no, low fat does not prevent anything.

This is a perfect metaphor for the last thirty years of nutrition misinformation. Make people scared of natural fat and feed them cheap and addictive sugar instead. The result? An unprecedented epidemic of obesity and diabetes. A disaster.

It’s time to laugh at this marketing trick now. Preventing heart disease by eating candy for breakfast? Please.

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    As long as we find something like this on page 5 we do not have to wonder.

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