Reversing diabetes by ignoring the guidelines – full interview

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Can you reverse diabetes by ignoring the guidelines? That’s what Dr. Sarah Hallberg says, and she should know because she has lots of experience helping her patients do that.

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About the interview

Table of contents

  0:40  Diabetes can be resolved by changing nutrition
  2:05  Why aren’t diabetics given low-carb advice?
  4:05  Sarah has many patients that stick to low-carb long term
  5:58  How can diabetics get started?
  6:50  GPS and get rid of the fear of fat
  9:00  Fear of fat leads to too much protein


Recorded in February 2016 in Vail, Colorado, published in April 2016.
Camera operators: Max Thedeby, Isabel Savén and Simon Victor.
Light: Max Thedeby.
Sound and editing: Simon Victor.
Interviewer: Andreas Eenfeldt.


Here’s what our members have been saying about this interview:

FYI here is the TEDX talk:
– Ken

I love the grass roots movement comment. People are sick and tired of being sick and tired; and being mislead by the agri-food-pharma-nutri-science complex. With so much info available and true physicians like Drs Eefeldt, Fung, Noakes, Hallberg, Davis, et al to guide people, I think we are in the midst of a revolution. I have seen amazing progress in the three years that I have been LCHF.
– Bryan

I watched her video on youtube a few weeks ago – because my sister was diagnosed diabetic and I wanted to know more about this.
I loved the way Dr. Hallberg – in less than twenty minutes- makes clear what diabetes is and how it can be cured. Since that day i changed my diet and my family joined me. In only a few weeks the four of us feel less tired and moody and much more energetic than ever.
We are sugar resistan and were really at risk with our almost vegetarian diet, sugar and lots of pasta.
So i am very grateful to her.
– Dolores

I LOVE Dr. Sarah Hallberg’s Passion, Energy and Honest Truth. You go GIRL! Because you ROCK!
– Karen

Dr. Hallberg: Love her!
– Pete

Very inspiring. Thank you.
– Lena


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