Is overeating carbs worse than overeating on an LCHF diet?

The result of 5,800 calories of junk food daily

The result of 5,800 calories of junk food a day

Sam Feltham carried out an experiment a few months ago that caught a lot of attention. For three weeks he pigged out on low-carb low-carb foods, 5,800 calories a day.

According to simplistic calorie counting, Feltham should have gained 16 lbs (7.3 kg). But in reality, he only gained less than 3 lbs (1.3 kg).

Now Feltham has repeated his experiment with exactly the same amount of calories, but from carbohydrate-rich junk food. On the same amount of calories he gained more than five times as much weight: almost 16 lbs (7.1 kg)!

The difference in waist circumference was even more significant: 5,800 calories of LCHF food for three weeks reduced his waist measurement by 1 1/4 inches (3 cm). The same amount of junk food led to a 3 1/2 inch (9.25 cm) increase in his waist. And you can see the difference visually.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Above are photos from the junk food experiment. Below, the LCHF experiment (with the same amount of calories) as a comparison:

The result of 5,800 calories of LCHF foods daily

The result of 5,800 calories daily on an LCHF diet


A calorie is not a calorie. This has already been proven in study after study, but Feltham provides us with a nice real world illustration.

Here’s his final report: Day 21 Of The 21 Day 5,000 Calorie CARB Challenge

What do you think about the outcome?


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