Is your dietitian educated by the Coca Cola Company?

Coca Cola Dietician

This is, unbelievably, not a joke. This is how sick our world is. Recently a report came out on how the largest professional association of dietitians in the US has sold out to Coca Cola and Pepsico among other junk food companies, allowing them to buy enormous influence over the continuing education of dietitians. And here’s a shocking example of what the food industry gets in return.

A dietitian shared this example of a “shameful” webinar she was just invited to. Check it out. It’s The Coca Cola Company’s Beverage Institute For Health & Wellness that will teach dietitians about “Heart Healthy Lifestyle Counseling”!

It’s a bit of a mystery. What is The Coca Cola Company doing offering professional health education? Is that really what the company is about?

I’ll tell you what Coca Cola wants to teach the dietitians: It’s all about a balanced lifestyle. Sugar can be consumed as part of a balanced heart healthy diet. It’s all about calories anyway. And don’t believe anyone saying anything else! Oh yeah, and the most important thing is to exercise enough.

So when your dietitian uses those arguments, he or she might have been educated by Coca Cola.

The truth is that the more added sugar you get in your diet the more unbalanced it is. Sugar is consumed in vast excess by a large majority of the population today. And the more sugar you eat or drink the more calories you are likely to want. Consuming excess sugar makes you hungrier, then obese, then diabetic, then it gives you heart disease.

Unfortunately your dietitian might tell you a completely different story.

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