Doctor: “no fat people in Auschwitz”

Obesity treatment

Obesity treatment?

Here is yet another example of how prejudiced a physician can behave as a result of a calorie fixation. And how little it helps people with problems:

Worried patient was told “no fat people in Auschwitz” (Google translated from Swedish)

In summary a patient asked her doctor about possible medical causes for her weight gain. The doctor told her not to worry about such things. Weight gain was just a matter of how much food she ate. Then the doctor asked her if she had seen pictures from the concentration camp Auschwitz, and if she had seen any fat prisoners there.

I wonder if the doctor have said the same thing if the patient had become overweight due to a more obvious medical problem, for example cortisone treatment?

The sensible way to lose weight is to try to correct the causes of becoming overweight. Not to ignore the causes and count calories while desperately trying to ignore one’s hunger.

In other words: there’s a more natural, pleasant and smarter way to lose weight than playing concentration camp. Fortunately more and more people have realized that.

Have you ever met a similarly prejudiced doctor?

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