How Maria lost 70 pounds

Before and after

Before and after

Maria had always been overweight and after her last pregnancy she didn’t manage to lose the extra weight.

Two years ago she found low-carb.

The Email

Good evening!

I want to share my journey as I’m now at my goal weight, but moving forward towards other goals.

My husband and I had our two boys fairly close together; when our first baby was 10 months old I got pregnant again. I’ve always been overweight and had “big bones”as it used to be called. With each pregnancy my weight increased more than 66 lbs (30 kg), but I did manage to lose the weight between them. But after baby number two nothing happened… I was then at 207 lbs (94 kg).

Two years ago I came in contact with LCHF and began my journey. Today I’ve reach my weight goal, -70 lbs (-32 kg) and my weight is 137 lbs (62 kg), but it hasn’t been a cakewalk. I’ve hit several plateaus and even gained some weight when we went on vacations. But overall I’ve eaten delicious food and learned a lot about myself.

Today I live healthy with my family, exercise 4–5 times a week and my lifestyle is LCHF. I have no sugar cravings, but I do remember how things from my previous life tasted, but they don’t interest me anymore. I love to inspire and motivate others and dream of becoming a nutritional counselor and a PT.

Thank you for an impressive website and blog! I’ve also attended your lectures and you are great!

Sincerely, Maria


Thanks Maria, and congratulations!

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