Top keto meal delivery services

Looking for keto meal delivery in the US? Especially relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic, keto meals and meal kit delivery services take the hassles out of eating keto.

Whatever you choose — a quick “heat-and-eat” offering or a custom box of ingredients — keto delivery options bring healthy food to your doorstep.

1. Keto meal delivery services

Meal subscription services can be a great answer for busy keto eaters. They take the time, planning, and mess out of your daily foraging. Just order, heat, and serve.

Here are seven outfits who will do the cooking for you:


Formerly known as Factor 75, Factor_ prepares and delivers meals made from organic vegetables and pasture-raised proteins and dairy.

Order: any meals with the keto tag
Price: $11-15 per meal, depending on number ordered
Shipping: free for most but not all locations
Minimum: 4 meals
Arrives: fresh
Available: across the continental US
Sourcing: all organic produce and pasture-raised proteins and dairy

Fresh n’ Lean

Based in southern California, Fresh n’ Lean hopes to make whole foods the new fast food. It ships its organic, fully cooked meals — including breakfast — to customers across the country.

Order: from the “Clean Keto” menu
Price: about $15 per meal, depending on number ordered
Shipping: free
Minimum: 5 meals
Arrives: fresh
Available: entire US, including Alaska and Hawaii
Sourcing: organic produce, grass-fed beef, free-range poultry, and sustainable fish

Ketoned Bodies

Based in San Antonio, Ketoned Bodies offers a large selection of frozen keto meals. They source all ingredients from regenerative farms, promising keto dinners that are both good for you and good for the planet.

Order: from the “Eco Keto Meals” menu
Price: about $15 per meal, with discounts for large orders
Shipping: free
Minimum: 10 meals to qualify for free shipping
Arrives: frozen
Available: across the continental US
Sourcing: all ingredients from regenerative farms

Snap Kitchen

This subscription service offers keto-friendly options, shipped directly to your home. It also offers meal “components” like grilled chicken thighs or sautéed green beans.

Order: select from “keto” options using special diets filter
Price: from $10-12 per meal, depending upon size of order
Shipping: free
Minimum: 6 meals
Arrives: fresh
Available: over 30 states, including the Midwest, South, and East Coast
Sourcing: grass-fed beef, no antibiotics


Let a network of local chefs cook your dinner! Territory offers a popular “keto reset” that gets people off and running. Twice-weekly deliveries keep the meals fresh and tasty.

Order: select “Keto Reset” from the meal menu
Price: about $13 per meal
Shipping: $8 per order
Minimum: 10 meals to get meal plan pricing
Arrives: fresh
Available: twice weekly deliveries in select major metro areas
Sourcing: antibiotic and hormone free meat; cage-free environments

The Good Kitchen

The Good Kitchen delivers heat-and-eat, chef-driven meals made from ingredients sourced from sustainable and ethical farmers and producers. The company hopes to give everyone the power to eat well and live better.

Order: select “Keto” under diet preference
Price: $12-14 per meal
Shipping: free
Minimum: 7 à la carte meals
Arrives: frozen
Available: across the continental US
Sourcing: organic for “dirty dozen” items and other ingredients when possible

Trifecta Nutrition

A favorite among CrossFitters and other athletes, Trifecta delivers all-organic, chef-made meals crafted from healthy ingredients. Although the bulk of its offerings are dairy-free, the chefs have added some cheese to the keto line-up.

Order: select “Keto” under diet preference
Price: about $15 per meal
Shipping: free
Minimum: 7 meals
Arrives: fresh, vacuum sealed
Available: entire US, including Alaska and Hawaii
Sourcing: organic


With any meal service, take the time to review the nutrition information for each meal before you place it in your cart. Be sure that the carb count does not exceed your personal carb target.

Set your expectations for reheating food in a black plastic tray or similar container. A pre-made dinner can still taste delicious, but it may not have the texture, crunch, and visual appeal of a freshly cooked meal.

Plan ahead and understand each vendor’s delivery schedule. Some are flexible, while others only offer delivery on certain days of the week. Many need about a week to get your first order processed.

2. Keto meal kit services

Have you ever wondered if it would be fun to try a keto meal kit service? It’s a great way to expand your horizons and try new recipes. And it’s convenient — everything you need arrives at your door.

With meal kits, you do the cooking.

Here are three low-carb meal kit purveyors to consider:

Green Chef

Green Chef has been offering organic keto meal kits for years. The menu changes each week, with about half a dozen meals to choose from. Order for two or four and get cooking.

Order: select the keto menu
Price: about $13 per meal, depending on number ordered
Shipping: $8 per order
Minimum: 6 meals
Arrives: fresh ingredients and a recipe
Available: across the continental US (except parts of Louisiana)
Sourcing: organic

Home Chef

Although not quite keto, Home Chef offers a limited selection of low-carb meal kits. For some of their conventional dishes, you might be able to simply discard the rice to get carb counts down into the keto range.

Home Chef allows you to customize some recipes by swapping out one protein for another, and also offers some slow-cooker meals and entrée salads.

Order: select from the “carb conscious” menu
Price: starting at $7 per meal
Shipping: free if you spend over $49
Minimum: 4 meals
Arrives: fresh ingredients and a recipe
Available: 98% of US locations
Sourcing: conventional

Sun Basket

Sun Basket does not have a keto plan, but it does offer some organic, keto-friendly meals. Click through to view the carb count on promising looking “carb conscious,” “paleo” and “lean and clean” menu options. Sun Basket also offers several varieties of keto sous-vide egg bites, as well as prepared crab cakes, meat, and fish.

Order: “carb conscious,” “paleo,” and “lean and clean” options that meet your carb threshold
Price: $11-13 per meal, depending upon quantity ordered
Shipping: about $6 per order
Minimum: 4 meals
Arrives: fresh ingredients and a recipe
Available: across the continental US (except parts of Montana, New Mexico, and North Dakota)
Sourcing: organic


Before you purchase, check the nutrition information for each dish to ensure the carb count doesn’t exceed your personal target. This is especially important if you are choosing a “carb conscious” service rather than Green Chef’s keto offering.

How, exactly, do meal kits work? Most meal kit services have similar rules. When you sign up, you get to pick out the recipes that suit your taste, and select how many people you are ordering for.

Then, a box of ingredients will arrive (at an agreed upon time) with just the right amount of everything you need to make dinner. You provide a few basics:

  • butter
  • coconut oil, ghee or other cooking oil
  • olive oil
  • pepper
  • salt

Everything else is in the box.

You’ll get a step-by-step recipe card to follow, and most recipes can be prepared in about 30 minutes. Some are designed to be even quicker.

You’ll need a stove top, oven, and some kitchen equipment. These basics should do the trick:

  • aluminum foil
  • chef’s knife and paring knife
  • cooking spoon and spatula
  • cutting board
  • grater
  • measuring cups and spoons
  • peeler
  • pot
  • skillet
  • sheet pan
  • strainer
  • zester

The promise is a freshly cooked meal with great texture (like crunchy veggies). Plus, it’s a little more gourmet than everyday home cooking. There are often special sauces, garnishes, and other touches to make dinner more delicious and interesting.

What are the downsides? Cooking and clean-up time is pretty much like it is for conventional home-made fare. These meals are pricier, too. And, there’s a fair amount of extra packaging.

But, if you like to cook and try new recipes, keto meal kits can be a fun change of pace. They’re convenient, tasty, and ease some of the burden of planning and sourcing dinners. And they’re delivered to your door.

Bottom line

Whether you’re looking for ways to avoid cooking or ways to avoid the grocery store, keto meal delivery options can keep you fed and healthy.

With so many companies offering low-carb and keto dinners, we hope you’ll find the service you need to keep it keto and keep it delicious.

/ Jennifer Calihan