LCHF success greetings from India


Last April I received an e-mail from Sameer Pitale in India, and then an updating e-mail in December. Here’s his success story, also including his family’s health and weight improvements.

Email on Apr 15, 2013

Hello sir,

I am a 22-year-old student from India. I’ve been obese all my life. At my age, I have developed hypertension. I have worked very hard to lose weight, and I used to ride my bicycle every day to college, work and elsewhere. So, after riding my bike 19 miles (30 km) every day for 6 months I only lost 22 lbs (10 kg). So I was down from 265 lbs to 242 lbs (120 kg to 110 kg), and by the way, I am just 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm).

In October 2011, I got into a major accident, which damaged my left side and nearly destroyed my left hand permanently, as it was crushed under a water tanker. So after 40 days of hospitalization and 6 months of being bedridden, I walked for the first time in 7 months. I had severe muscle wasting, and went down to 185 lbs (84 kg). I had no muscles left in my body, and as I started to follow the regular, “optimal” healthy diet suggested by my physician, I quickly gained back the weight. Within 6 months I hit the 265-lbs (120 kg) mark once again! But it was worse this time, because I didn’t have any muscle mass, which had been wasting away during the time I was bedridden, but just fat. I was depressed and suicidal.

Then i got a link to your site from my professor. I started your diet three weeks ago. I have lost around 22 lbs (10 kg), but more significantly my stamina has gone up by leaps and bounds. Just yesterday I climbed two small mountains and walked more than 6 miles (10 km) in the scorching 100-104 F (38-40 C) Indian summer.

I am really sorry for this long email, but I can not tell you how grateful I am to you, and all the valuable info on your website.

Thank you,
Sameer Pitale

Follow-Up Email Dec 15, 2013

Hello Sir,

I am writing this email exactly 8 months after the last one. These 8 months actually taught not only me, but my Mom and Dad, many new things about the LCHF lifestyle and how to stick with it. In 10 months, the three of us together lost a total weight of around 60 kg. That is, I lost 30 kg (120 kg to 90 kg); my mom 16 kg (86 kg to 70 kg) and my dad 14 kg (84 kg to 70 kg).

Both of my parents are 58 years. Also mom’s diabetes is completely under control and she doesn’t require any medicine for it.

In India, we have to face a huge problem with a non-vegetarian diet as it is very much disgraced and thought of as being criminal by many communities in India. There is also strong propaganda against eating meats and fish by various religious political /social organisations. Thus it was very difficult for us to start eating this way. Plus, there was the financial thing. We are from kind of a low income group and with my accident we lost all of our savings and are in a lot of debt. So when I started eating this way, Dad was initially concerned about expenses as meat and fish are very expensive foods (this August to November even vegetables were as expensive as meat !!!!). But, in less than a few months time he saw the changes in my health and so all of us adopted the same diet.

Today, our medical bills have been reduced to blood pressure tablets and nothing else, thanks to you. I will send some images when I hit the 70-kg (154 lbs) mark and my parents hit 60-65 kg (132-143 lbs). I don’t know how to thank you, Sir! All doctors are astonished with the results here, my Dad’s physician even told him to check his blood sugar as she was concerned about his rapid weight loss!!!!!

I will again mention the book Diet Wise by Dr. Kaith Scott-Mumby. His theories about certain foods causing allergies turned out to be true when I tested them. I had severe dust allergy and used to carry anti-histamines all the time, because I was hospitalized twice with severe allergic reactions. When I stopped eating wheat and sugar it turned out I don’t have any allergies!!! Hurray!!! The book is mostly based on the  paleo diet, but he totally supports butter.

Thank you,

Sameer Pitale

Congratulations to you, and your family’s, fantastic health improvements.

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  1. Kjell Granelli
    Sameer, it warms my heart to read about the successes you and your parents have had with LCHF. Looking forward to those photos when you reach your target weights!
    Best of luck to you :-)
  2. Lizzie
    Sameer! Congratulations to you and your family! Perhaps you can spread the word of LCHF in India too, which is one of the cultures that need radical change to their diet the most!
    I enjoyed reading your story:) Keep up the good work!!
  3. sten
    Hi Sameer, very nice to read about your success.
    Your story reminds me of my own success with LCHF and makes me warm.
  4. greensleeves
    Note to others:

    It's possible to do a 50-60g net LCHF vegetarian diet. Dr. Westman explains how in his Atkins book. So if other people from India are interested, but must stay veg, please read that chapter.

  5. john
    Well done Sameer! Great to hear a success story from India.
    We need to hear about more examples of people's weight loss
    success stories.
  6. Molly
    Hi Friends !

    Almost 7 kilos down, even with Christmas :)

    Excellent job Sameer - I include some information on a Vegetarian Keto approach below....

    For those who are interested in a vegetarian diet, there is a subreddit for Vegetarian Keto-ers here:

    I had a lot of success with a Vegetarian Keto diet based heavily on cheese, mushrooms and eggs. In the end though, the bacon got to me :D

    I also have a lot of vegetarian and vegan cookbooks, as the good ones promote a heavily vegetable-based diet and so have interesting and tasty vegetable dishes. I add butter, cream and bacon as necessary, but they are a fabulous source of inspiration.

    Even the Raw Vegans have something to contribute to us LCHF-ers, because they do not eat grains. I've seen some interesting recipes heavy with coconut cream and oil coming out of this group.

    One of my favourite cracker recipes came from Mark Sisson's site, but its raw vegan - just mixed seeds ground up and pressed together between sheets of baking parchment, held together with their own oils and a tiny bit of water.

  7. Anna

    Your fantastic story was really heart warming! Thanks for sharing.

  8. G2
    What a fantastic achievement for you and your family. Keep it up.
  9. Nayeem
    Hi Doc

    I am writing from Bangalore, India.

    I started on LCHF about 2 weeks back. In a typical day, I would have two meals - One in the morning around 11 am where I would have scrambled eggs in butter or two pieces of fish with lots of salad in mayonnaise and the other meal typically around 9 pm which contains meat balls with salad. In between these two I would typically have two small cups of tea. This would suffice for my hunger everyday. As you can see I have minimal fat intake (around 25 gms per day) and mostly protien.

    My question now is: I do not see the dramatic reduction of my weight with this diet. I weigh 105 kgs (around 230 pounds) and my height is 5' 11''. I have about 25 kgs to lose for my height. I can feel very energetic and light throughout the day and I can feel that the fat around the stomach has reduced. I also feel that my clothes fit me better now than before.

    But I still weigh 105 kgs :( My weight has not gone down even a bit. I cannot understand this mystery.

    Any help with this would be highly appreciated.

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  10. Scott UK
    I love the image of him climbing two small mountains...
  11. Maki
    The diet influence how much muscles your body will produce. The extra weight of muscles cancels out the weight of fat that you loose. Measure your waistline to have objective data on your progress, with time you will stop getting more muscles, and then your weight will start to drop as well.
  12. Johanna
    Congratulations to you and your family and the Diet Doctor! :-)
  13. Modesty
    Try to add some coconut oil to your diet, add it to coffee or tea or eat a tablespoon a couple of times a day.
  14. Galina L.
    It is great you feel energetic and not hungry on your diet. For some people store-bought mayonnaise is a problem in their weight loss due to O6 polyunsaturated fats which are the oils derived from seeds like soy beans, corn, sunflower seeds, cotton seeds and so forth, also some mayo contains too much sugar, believe it or not. What type of fat do you use for cooking? Could you try to watch O6 in your diet? You can dress your salad with olive oil and vinegar mix, and use coconut oil or gee as a cooking fat. I don't know haw meatballs are prepared in India, but in many countries it contain bread or rice mixed into ground meat, covered with bread crumbs or flour before cooking, and cooked in a sauce which either contains thickening agent like flour or starch and/or sugar if the sauce is tomato-based.
    Many who follow a low-carbohydrate diet would find your fat intake too low. When fat is too low, it means either protein or carbohydrates are too high, or the diet is too low in calories. Every scenario presents own set of problems. Some LCarbers manage to overdo fat loading, but it is not your case for sure.
    If your clothes fit better, it is a progress, wait and see how it goes, and report back to us. Your weight is indeed in an obesity range, and you need to loose some of it without a doubt.
    Good luck!
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  15. Nayeem

    @Galina: Thanks for the prompt reply.

    About the mayonnaise... It is an European brand, Dr.Oetker and indeep the fat is coming from the vegetable sources. The first ingredient is Edible Vegetable oil. I am not sure whether it is contributing to the PUFA. The carb % is around 10 and half of that is coming from sugar. So, instead of the vegetable source what other source of fat should I look at while selecting the mayo?

    I use both butter and vegetable oil for cooking. I am planning to use only ghee from now onwards. The meat balls are home-made and they contain only the ground meat and spices. I dont see any problem there.

    Even if my fat intake is less, I am managing well with a low calorie diet. Is it a must to take large amount of fat to be in ketosis? I think my carb range is somewhere between 50 and 100 gms and I am taking adequate protiens.

    What changes can I bring in my LCHF diet looking at the above? Help is appreciated.

  16. Galina L.
    Vegetables oil is a broad definition, in the case of mayo from Europe my speculation is it is a refined seed oil, sunflower or canola(rape) (rather than olive oil which contains mostly monounsaturated oils) which contains mostly O6 fats. I never saw in a store (I live in US now) a mayo made with mostly olive oil. I make mayonnaise myself, when you get used to it, it is not bothersome or difficult. The important part - yolks shouldn't be cold. Meanwhile, give yourself a mayo-break for couple weeks and see how it goes.May be in a future you will be able to experiment with mixing store mayo with olive oil and some yogurt in order to decrease the total amount of O6 and sugar in your salad. Coconut oil is excellent as a cooking oil (, however I guess that mostly un-refined one is available in India.
    I suspect you consume more carbohydrates than you realize. When a LC diet is just introduced, many people aim for 30, max 50 grams of carbohydrates a day, then tinker with their diet to figure out what is the best ration of macro-nutrients. Your estimation that your consumption is up to 100 hundred of carbs a day which is probably too high at the moment. You diet seems to be excellent, but right now the priority sould be to start dropping your weight. I suggest you will log what you are eating into (it is free) for a month or at least couple of weeks and see the real picture.I suspect you will find out you also eat more fat than you think. People are not good in food estimations. It is not the recommendation to eat a lot of fat for low-carbers, rather recommendation of eating higher percentage of fat in your diet. For example, is you eat 50 (approximately 200 calories) grams of carbs a day and 60 - 100 (240 - 400 calories) grams of protein, where do you suppose to get the rest of necessary energy? My wild guess you need at least 1800 calories a day in order not to set your body into a starvation response, which would make you to feel not-energetic, hungry and cold.
  17. Nayeem
    I was searching for answers to my questions in the blog and found a similar issue as with mine there. It answers some of my doubts :


    December 16 2013 15:35

    Can someone shed light on why , after 2 months of LCHF, I have lost a few inches but not one pound? This is very disappointing , I have tried the Fat Fast and have really followed the plan . I'm glad some fat is coming of in inches but why does everyone seem to drop pounds and inches and I still am the same weight. I know the comments about scale addiction but I still think something is wrong if I can't even lose 2-3 pounds. I've been careful with protein , have made fat fast recipes and drink bullet proof coffee every morning . hanks for any suggestions.

    Reply: #306

    Reply to comment #305 by Jean


    December 16 2013 16:34

    It must be your body that reboulding it self, eighter less fat and more muscles, or storing fat in other places then in your belly.. or both?

    Both supose too be healtyer then abdominal fat anyhow.

    Those that lose weight rapidly is probably those that had very high insulin levels.. be glad that you dont have/had that medical condition.

    I didnt lose a gram on three months.. and sudenly somthing happend.. my apetite droped very much.. didnt get hungry on the morning anymore!

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  18. bill
    This excellent answer by Maki, above:

    "The diet influences how much muscles your body will produce. The extra weight of muscles cancels out the weight of fat that you lose. Measure your waistline to have objective data on your progress, with time you will stop getting more muscles, and then your weight will start to drop as well."

    ...should be given to everyone who has the complaint that their weight has not gone down.

    Quit putting the focus on weight and pay more attention to how you feel. If you eat mostly fat and
    some protein and limit carbs, you will eventually come to a stable weight.

  19. Mihir

    you may also be getting too much protein. excess protein can be converted to sugar via gluconeogenesis. try increasing your fat intake and decreasing your protein. you can use this calculator to help find the best carb/protein/fat ratio:

    using the above, i've found my ratio to be 5-10% carb, 25-30% protein and the rest fat. with (approximately) that ratio, i've managed to drop 32kg in 7 months. your ratio may be different.

  20. Michael

    Just keep in mind it is a high fat, low carb, adequate protein diet. You may need to adjust protein down and fat up to get into ketosis in which you will experience most of the immediate benefits of a low carb eating.

  21. Galina L.
    The usual case scenario for a new LCarber - the almost immediate disappearance of at least 3 kg of weight due the loss of water which was hold by a glycogen, It didn't happened in Nayeem's case, which is THE indication for me that he consumed too much carbs for his glycogen storage to diminish. He reduced carbs in his diet only enough for some of his visceral fat to be wasted away.
  22. Nayeem
    Thanks everyone for your help.

    I just used the calculator given by Mihir. Came out that I need to have only 5% of my diet in Carbs. I too feel that I am taking in too many carbs. I include half a spoon of sugar for my tea as well and many such deviations.

    As Galina pointed out, I felt I reduced a lot in the first week due to the water going out. Then I deviated in carb consumption and everything is back up.

    Would try to reduce all carbs like sugar etc... and use more of fats like ghee, butter as Micheal pointed out. I would also leave out Mayo since it is vegetable based. I am planning to prepare bulletproof coffee with ghee and coconut oil from now on to take care of higher fat intake.

    And looking at the positives, Zepp points out that if I am not losing much, I may not be insulin resistant after all.

    Any other suggestions would be heartily welcome.

  23. Ro Oysterz
    I hate to do this, but I'm gonna spell it out all right here right now. I'm of indian descent, was there for 7 months a year and a half back, mix with a lot of indians here in Canada, and a lot of non-indians.

    The major problem for indians, and they are getting fatter, more obese, seriously, more obese, diabetic, and just flabby in general is that they are addicted to sweets, roti, rice, and cheap carbs. Carbage in other words, carb+garbage.

    My mother tells me that when she was a girl in india there was no sugar, it was very hard to purchase, but these days, with my wife and kids there, every tiny shop has fried potato chips (crisps), glucose biscuits, and a million kinds of british branded chocolates. Then you add in the halwaiis which is indian sweet shops, with their cheap sugary vegetable oil fried snacks, and you wonder why all the young college going crowd has easily 20 lb of lard hanging off em.

    And their skin is bad, and greasy, and people are just generally unfit.

    In more remote regions where people walk a lot and do general physical work, they're not much better off, sure they are skinny, but they have no muscle mass, basically hardened physical bodies but short from lack of quality protein and probably not enough calories in general.

    In Delhi, at 5'11, I am very tall. As soon as I go to Punjab, I am average if maybe even a bit on the short side. In punjab, you have to remember, that dairy is revered. If you don't serve butter basically any dish that ends with 'makhani' then you are basically serving slave food and that doesn't fly there with the macho attitude of being tough and eating like a real man. Hard to explain, maybe it's similar to euro affectations in france and italy?

    So yep, the punjabis eat butter, cream, paneer (fresh cheese), and a lot of meat in general. And it shows in their physiques. But then you add in the carbage, all the parathas, rotis, and snacks, as well as sugar that just doesn't quit, and boom, you have a recipe for lardage. Not the good kind of pig fat found in bacon, but the bad kind of lard that hangs off your body. Hey hey hey.

    Ok so now you sit down with some western indians, ones that are living in the west, and you try and explain some of these ideas to them, or just LCHF in general, and my god you will get resistance. You are anti-traditional, anti-culture, and just plain old bad.

    The worst is if you get into arguments or just talks with vegetarians. They are militant in India, you are better off going to a mosque and trying to convert them to christianity.

    Good luck all.

    Oh and a lot of vegs in india consider egg to be non-veg.


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  24. Murray
    I have not been able to find an acceptable commercial mayonnaise. Hellemans makes one with canola oil and olive oil and is my least worst option. Far better to make it with high quality olive oil that manufacturers would not use for economic reasons. With a Bamix handheld immersion blender it is very simple. I find that it does not matter so much that the egg is warmed as much as the ingredients all being the same temperature. This is the case for all emulsions. The oil, water and surfactant (the yolk, garlic, mustard or lecithin) should all be about the same temperature whether cold or hot (Hollandaise).

    Something we prefer now over classical mayonnaise is mayonnaise made as usual with avocado blended in. With the Bamix it has a beautiful, thick smooth consistency, excellent flavour that goes well with meats and salmon, and avocado has great fat, including omega-7.

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  25. Ro Oysterz
    Great post regarding the mayo. We do the same here, sometimes we have trouble though with the bamix and we will now start using everything at room temperature. Also, the avocado idea sounds incredible. Thanks
  26. Galina L.
    In my case I only pay attention to the yolk temperature only because everything else (olive oil, salt,vinegar) is kept out of a fridge.
    Mixing avocado in is a great idea.
    Reply: #27
  27. murray
    Same principle, Galina. I keep everything in the fridge (except the salt), as I am obsessive about potential oil oxidation. I suppose I am a extreme that way. Eggs tend to separate better when they are not cold, especially fresh eggs, which have more viscous whites. I get duck eggs from pasture-raised ducks and their yolks are almost impossible to separate until the egg is warmed somewhat. So if I let the eggs warm for better separation, I let the oil and lemon juice or vinegar warm as well. Since I found out about the same temperature principle, I have never had a problem making Hollandaise sauce. Previously, my clarified butter was sometimes hotter than the yolk mixture and getting a good emulsification was a chore. We now like our Hollandaise thicker in consistency, more like mayonnaise, which is easy to control. My wife gripes it has ruined restaurant Hollandaise for us because restaurant Hollandaise is never as good as our home version.
  28. Galina L.
    What is the point of militant vegetarians in India? In US they fight for animals rights being almost equal to human rights, also some have an illusion that agriculture is better for the environment than raising cattle. In Russia Orthodox church promotes vegetarianism as more "spiritual" (resisting temptations and own flesh mortifying behavior) way of eating. Somebody who thinks that self-starvation is the best way to be thin also avoids meat - it is the best way to experience hunger, than blame yourself for being weak-willed.
  29. Ro Oysterz
    Galina, a lot of hardcore hindus, upper caste or mid-range or seeking to advance spiritually, they are vegetarians, as that is taught as being more pure, closer to god, yada yada yada.

    Meat in their eyes is disgusting, I have had them visibly recoil from it, the scent makes them sick, etc.

    It's also associated with low-caste, with muslims, all bad things from this way of thinking.

    In fact, when I'm out and about over there, I usually either eat at night, that's when street vendors come out frying chicken with illegal pegs of whiskey sold as well to make the experience that much richer. Or I go to muslim quarters to get real food. Or sikh punjabi restaurants. So yeah there are a lot of options, in fact there is a ton of meat everywhere, goat, beef, chicken.

    Don't believe the hype, beef is sold and eaten everywhere, no matter what western hindus will tell you, beef is sold everywhere in india. Less in the northern states, but it's like goat or lamb here in the west, available but not super popular.

    It's a religious thing. I have close friends, very very close friends that are religious hindus, you just simply cannot, i repeat, cannot, have a conversation about meat that doesn't end in bad feelings.

    The way we go about it is that we drink together, smoke together, enjoy each other's company, I eat a bit of their food, then at night I make a bbq in the backyard alone and eat my steak off the grill in the darkness with only my propane to keep me warm.

    Works for me.

  30. Ro Oysterz
    Galina, I should add, the fact with eggs is funnier. Many vegetarian hindus who are lacto vegetarians will either feed their children eggs, as they know it's good for them, while abstaining themselves.

    Now with boiler chicken eggs (this is like our typical cheap eggs) going for 4 RS each, which is 4 rupees, which is 7 cents USD, everyone eats eggs.

    I think the reason that more people are growing well and strong now is because eggs are so cheap, so plentiful, sold everywhere on street corners you can get omelettes made for you for 10 RS, like 18 cents, and milk products (more expensive by far).

    To be honest, I'm happy that their hypocrisy at least feeds the kids eggs. If they were too pure then the children would suffer (OH the children!!! lol)

  31. Ro Oysterz
    Galina, also I've had humorous arguments with 'pure' vegetarians who take the position that an egg is not meat, it's not an animal.

    I let them win the argument -- if it means they feed their kids eggs.

  32. Galina L.
    I agree, let them eat eggs! All "spiritually" based arguments are often funny, among Russian Orthodox Christians eating fish is as good as eating cereals, while vegans in US stay away even from leather shoes and even honey because they disapprove that bees are "exploited" by beekeepers. Who knows, may be in a such warm climate like it is in India, relying on eggs is the easiest way to avoid eating meat contaminated with bacteria if a family doesn't have a refrigerator. Maybe eating small animals like goats is more practical from that perspective as well. Cows contain much more meat! Environment could influence diet practices. I always guessed that people in South-East region traditionally eat very spicy food to give themselves an age in the fighting intestinal parasites.
    It is unusual that high-cast well-off people in India eat vegetarian diet, while people from low casts eat meat. In the rest of the world it is all way around! Do people from low cast look taller and more robust? Indian people I meet in US are mostly thinly build and soft-bodied, not particularly muscular, many have pot bellies. I used to have nice Indian neighbors, they indeed didn't eat meat, it was always amazing to see their driveway covered with oil-fried hard and thin wheat tortilla-like spicy things laying on bed sheets in the days when they had guests coming.
  33. Galina L.
    I strongly recommend you to try Alton Brown's recipe for Hollandaise sauce - you don't need to melt butter for it, much less hassle, but it works unfailingly each time like a charm! Mayo flopped on me at least couple times until I developed my routine, but not AB's version of Hollandaise.
    Reply: #34
  34. murray
    Thanks, Galina.I would use that recipe with ghee instead of butter (and omit the sugar!). I have a superb ghee from grass-fed cows. My daughter would never let me get away with cayenne pepper in Hollandaise. She detests hot spices.

    I do prefer, though, to clarify the butter. I get a 92% butterfat butter from a small local dairy so it is not a chore to clarify. Clarifying gives a little nutty flavor (almost like a filtered beurre noisette) and takes out the casein proteins. I also like to flavour the water with a shallot cooked sec. I am thus close to Escoffier, using the method and ratios described by Ruhlman, (although I never use a microwave).

    Yes, it's more work, but it tastes fantastic and with the same-temperature principle it always emulsifies well. Ruhlman seems not to be aware of this. I learned it from the iTunes university videos of the Science of Cooking course at Harvard University. It's free. Highly recommended.

    LCHF has spurred me to become a lipid connoisseur.

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  35. Galina L.
    I will try your version next time to compare results. I am like your doter in my attitude to hot spices - I can't have it, it also makes my allergies re-surface unfailingly, so I have double medical/personal reason. In US some "heat" ingredients are everywhere, I attribute it to the influence of Mexican food. I always exclude it from my food entirely with the exception of mustard and a horseradish. We all tolerate the best the cuisine we grew up with, however I had to exclude from my staples buckwheat and sourdough rye bread, and get easy on beets.
  36. Meena
    Hi Sameer,
    So happy to hear you and your familys success with LCHF. I would like to get in touch for you. I'm indian myself and it would be nice to get some tips and advice regarding LCHF in indian cooking.
    Thanks for sharing your amazing and inspiring story! :)


  37. Dan
    I have been on this LCHF for 2 weeks and have only lost 9lbs why have not I lost more. I have been following this to the letter. when I started this I weight 353 know 344 could someone help me give me some advise, Thank you, Dan
    Reply: #39
  38. Galina L.
    Check the blog of Dr.Eades ,conveniently, his last post was about how to start a LC diet - Dr.Eades and his wife had been treating patients with LC diet for 15 years, there are often small things that make big difference, and you didn't mention any details exept following some advice to the letter. The diet doctor blog is more about getting people interested in LCarbing than about going into details how to do it, even though there were posts here about what could be hindering a weigh-loss.
    Dr. Andreas or his team, please, make it easier for the people like Dan to go directly to the links to your posts about why people could have trouble loosing weight on a LC diet. I tried to use "search" option in order to sent Dan there , but failed to find what I was looking for.
  39. Zepp
    Becuse you just started.. and you are not even fully adapted yet!

    And you know.. 1 pound a week is fast if its fat one lose.. mayby a person on your weight can lose 2 pounds a week.. but then its some water altso.

    Reply: #40
  40. Galina L.
    All people I know personally who tried LC diet lost their first pounds in speediest way. It is better to figure out what may be wrong from the beginning. Following LC diet advice to the letter doesn't mean much. One of Dr.Eades patients, a small- build middle-aged female, ate 5000 calories a day of perfectly LC food and I couldn't understand why she was not loosing any weigh. Only her food diary gave the answer. When body gets adjusted to a new regiment, weight loss is easiest.
  41. Zepp
    Yeah.. but why that hurry.. it take a long time to adapt to new habits too.. for me it took three months!
    Soo I can tell, that doing all by the book changes over time.. one have too reconsider a lot of things like calories, eating pattern and what to eat!

    I started whit old habits and was eating 3-4 times a day.. with other foods and adaption I soon switched to 1-2 times a day.

    Okey, in the begining I altso tryed to hard.. eating all the right things but to much and too often.. but it should never helped me if any told it to me.. I have too learn by my self.

    I think that those pro dieters/banters have an easyer task.. they are more use to know about what they are eating and how much?

    Reply: #42
  42. Galina L.
    I wish him not to miss the honeymoon Atkins period when fat just melts, it usually doesn't happen second time around (when people loose weight LCarbing, then go back eating grains, gain all back, re-start Atkins) when it is not new for a body.
  43. Michelle R
    Can anyone help? My partner started LCHF almost two weeks ago. He would like to lose about 20-25lbs or so of belly fat. He seems to be having a hard time with the transition to ketosis. He feels very weak and tired and sometimes even has trouble talking properly!. He takes thyroid medication. Do you think this is causing the problem or do the exhausting low energy days go away for everyone? I adapted easily and quickly despite having spent mos of my adult life on one sort of "diet" or another! I only have a couple of pounds to lose but wanted to make mealtimes easier.
    Replies: #44, #45
  44. Galina L.
    I read about some people who required gradual phasing out of carbohydrates from their diet , they may have trouble to switch on different source of energy.
  45. Zepp
    As Galina says.. and comon is altso salt defiency, by extra salt excretion by the kidney.. its extra high in transitation.. for some.. perticaly those that hade high insulin levels befor!

    Its easy to make test, take some salt in a glas of water.. drink it.. if it geting better it was salt defiency.

    "Tip: Mary Vernon, M.D. says that people often lose a lot of salt with the fluid the first few days, and feels that some of the symptoms are due to this. She recommends a cup of bouillon several times per day for a few days. Also, make sure you are getting enough potassium during this period."

  46. Melita
    I have just started this diet and people have noticed that I look slimmer. But I am rather amused by Roy Oysterz comments on Indians attitude towards non-vegetarians. I am a non-vegetarian and so are most of my friends. I do have a large number of Vegetarians friends too. I live in south India, which is a conservative part of the country. But I must state that I have never heard or come across anyone vehemently opposing eating of Non vegetarian foods although they may think its healthier. they do not mind others eating. I know several vegetarian families who have members who eat non-vegetarian food outside but may not cook at home due to religious sentiments at the most. I have my vegetarian friends who accompany me to restaurants and while I enjoy the non-vegetarian fare they have their vegetarian and share the same table with me. Do not sum up the whole country's attitude with one or two small experiences. There are some states in india that are mainly non-vegetarians. Most of North and North east is and so are parts of west and south west. Many parts like Kerala, Goa, Coorg etc eat large quantities of pork, and beef too is consumed by many. Indians are both vegetarians and non vegetarians. Certain states may have a lesser percentage of either or more of one. There is certainly no stigma to eating non-vegetarian here!
    Reply: #47
  47. Zepp
    I realy wold love to read about how tro eat a LCHF/ketogenic diet.. in India.. on traditional foods.. even vegetarian foods for those mostly vegetarians!

    It would be a lot of help.. or any link to a good low carb India Low carb/ketogenic bloog?

    Becuse.. even being a swede.. I know thar diabetes is a big problem in India.. and I think there is not that good healtcare.. free of charge.. or alternatives!

  48. shailu
    sameer please share your diet plan because i am also indian too but i am confused what recipes i have to prepare...anyone can help me?
  49. Zepp
  50. ramya
    is these LCHF work?zepp had you tried that
    Reply: #51
  51. Zepp
    Im not following any recepies.. I cook moste of my food by my self!

    The thing still is.. if one is diabetic.. one have to lower ones glucose levels.. those are the signs!

    Its mostly about hyperinsulinemia.. thats an adoption to coop with high glycemic load!

    I know one thing.. India food is different frome european food.. perticaly those how is vegetarians.

    However.. if one is diabetic or obese.. one need to reduce those food that make the fat stay in fat cells.. its high glycemic load food!

    And how LCHF works.. it works by lowering glycemic load.. how lower ones insulin levels.. how is the major regulator of reestrificator of triglycerides in ones fat cells!

    I.E. it make you to a more fatburning person.. fat becomes ones predominat fuel!

    However.. one can still eat allt the fat to be obese.. but very often one starts to eat fewer times a day, and fewer calories!

    I can provide another script to descripe the consept!

    Its another way to say it.. you still need to translate it to India food!

    And if any find any good India LCHF/Atkins/Low Carb blog.. we would be gratfull to link to that blogg!

    The thing to know is.. real food is expensive.. I tryes to get my hands of grass feed beef, real butter, coconut oil, pigs and hens/eggs that have lived as natural as possibly!

    And I buy wild fish/crawfish, other seefood if I can!

  52. Anu
    Hello everyone, I really need to loose weight, I'm an Indian in Saudi Arabia.M a working lady.I'm not able to figure out an easy weekly meal plan out of so many options available.can someone help me with it?I can't have bacons
    Someone help. I want to start ASAP.
  53. Anup Singh
    LCHF diet is picking up in India too. We have a LCHF dedicated forum for Indian diabetics at Many success stories. We also were interviewd by an Indian Magazine OPEN for our advocacy of LCHF to Indians for whom LCHF was always "percieved" as difficult:
  54. Teja
    Hey, Nayeem. Evenam from the same place (Bangalore). Can you suggest me which are the Indian foods are okay to eat? Idly,Dosa,Ragi ball,Jowar Roti?Can we have these foods on LCHF diet?
  55. Mohamed Shakeeb
    @Teja, no you cant have any of that .
    You can have non-root leafy vegetables,fish,chicken,eggs,paneer,mutton , peanuts , badam etc

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