How to use multi-cookers for keto or low carb – DD Explores

When it comes to cooking, it often feels that time is not on our side. Who isn’t looking for shortcuts?

Multi-cookers, often known by their brand names, Instant Pot or Ninja Foodi, are popular kitchen appliances as a result of their speed and range of functionality.

These cookers make it possible to prepare a full meal without having to stand over the stove the entire time. Just push a button and walk away.

Even if you forget to thaw the meat, the high-pressure cook setting offered with these devices gets meals ready in minutes — not hours.

Prefer slow-roasted meals? These multi-cookers can do that, too!

Finally, what’s really amazing, is that you can even make your own sugar-free yogurt in these do-it-all appliances. (Pretty nifty, if you ask us.)

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