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    An interesting thing has been happening over the past week. I had to get some major oral surgery done so I've not been able to eat except soft foods and even then anything acidic would hurt. But I've been maintaining LCHF for years now.

    I haven't been hungry. Not at all. I wasn't totally lean but had plateaued, but now I've lost an additional 8 pounds given the forced fasting and it is still going. I'm not normally hungry, but I was shocked that even after several days, I still wasn't hungry. And my energy has been fine.

    I have been drinking cream, drinks with vitamins, soup, and I will admit it, a few beers, and such, but after a week I had to push myself to scramble some eggs since I wasn't getting any protein and I started to worry about not getting the usual nutrients.

    There must be something to fasting, or at least not eating if you aren't actually hungry. Well, my weightloss has been kickstarted and I hope it continues. I'll just have to be careful not to go back to snacking - even on "good" things - after I've lost more weight.

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