The Dreamfields Pasta Fraud Finally Results in an 8 Million Dollar Fine!

Fined 8M

Let this be a warning to all companies shamelessly selling “low-carb” fake products.

Dreamfields, the biggest brand of “low-carb” pasta, has for a long time lived on a blatant lie. I tested their pasta several years ago and found that it raised my blood sugar dramatically, much like regular pasta. When scientists later examined the matter, they found no difference at all between the “low-carb” pasta and regular pasta from the grocery store!

The pasta was included as an example of low-carb frauds in my presentation ”The Food Revolution”, with over 400,000 views on YouTube.

American lawyers filed a class action lawsuit this summer against Dreamfields, and the settlement papers were filed on Monday. The company gave up even before the trial and confessed. Their fine will be $7.9 million. Most of the money is reserved for reimbursing customers. If you bought the fraud pasta between 2004 and 2014 you are entitled to get your money back.

Law360: Pasta Maker Forks Over $8M In Low-Carb Labeling Deal

You read the time frame right. Dreamfields has continued with this blatant fraud for TEN YEARS and the brand has been a best seller. The makers have destroyed health and weight effects from a low-carb diet for countless people.

Dreamfields will now change the labeling for their product to something less deceptive. But there are still thousands of low-carb frauds out there that are just as bad from other companies. 


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  1. Jeb
    "The Dreamfields class action settlement is capped at $5 million and any remaining money that’s not claimed will be awarded to the American Diabetes Association"

    LOL. As if the ADA is going to solve things here in the USA....

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  2. Matt
    A couple of clarifications. Firstly they weren't "fined", they settled a lawsuit. Or more accurately they've agreed to settle a lawsuit but a judge still has to approve the settlement. Secondly they only have to remove the misleading claim from their packaging for one year. Theoretically a year from now they could put it back on.

    And any leftover money after consumers are reimbursed goes to the American Diabetes Association (who I'm sure will use the money to encourage people to eat "healthy carbs" like the kind found in whole wheat products like Dreamfields pasta!)

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  1. Charles Osborne
    Dreamfields has been a great blessing to me, and I was never deceived by it--I monitor my blood sugar (diabetes) and used as directed, the sugar did not spike. It never said "low carb"--the box tells us the carbs. It did imply that it did not raise blood sugar due to having a low glycemic index, but that is a measurement I do not use in my diet, so I don't know about that. All I know is that I can have delicious pasta (would never touch the other kind) in moderation if I don't pile on any other carbs with it.

    3/4 cup dry product does not sound like much, but I make a thick sauce with lots of meat, mushrooms, peppers, anything low carb in it, and put the pasta on top so it looks like a plate of spaghetti. Nobody should have thought regular sauce with sugar in it is OK.

    I hope I don't have to order it direct, because they charge regular retail list plus shipping--the discount stores and Amazon are less. I got a $200 settlement because of Amazon purchases, but since Walmart started carrying it I have bought it there--no settlement there.

    I think lawsuits should be limited to actual damages--and require proof of the damage. Notice that they were not prosecuted for violation of any criminal laws regarding fraud or false advertising--that would require conclusive proof they did something wrong.

  2. Charles Osborne
    Notice how easily the government found everybody who bought these products?
  3. Dawn Walsh
    I received my check today
  4. Audrea
    I received a check and had no idea what it was for other than a settlement. Kind of scary how they can find you.
  5. Duelles
    We have been buying Dreamfields for at least two years, due to my bride of 43 years having a high blood sugar reading. What did make a difference was adhering to the correct potion size. I happen to love an Alfredo sauce - low carb! And for me not a worry in the world. How did someone know to send me a check for $17.01? That is the creepy thing, besides the bad science. Stick to correct portions, don't over indulge, walk, excersize, live long and well.
  6. TC
    The only fraud here has nothing to do with Dreamfields.
    When i consume this product, I have ZERO spike in blood sugar. With regular pasta, I go well into the 200's and stays there for ore than 12 hours.
    I'm not sure what the benefit to the writer is, but I can attest to the benefits of this product.
  7. M Hadley
    I, too, use Dreamfields pasta and but I use portion control of one cup. Regular pasta spikes my blood sugar while Dreamfields cause only a small tolerable rise (checking 2 hours after the meal). I'm sure anyone who thinks they can eat huge portions because it's so-call low carb doesnt really understand that even one carb unit (15 grams) will cause your glucose to rise quite a bit. Dreamfields does not say there are no carbs, in fact there still is a lot of carbs in one cup. So you can't eat a huge amount anyway. I just found that whatever they use (I think it's inulin) it works to slow the absorption of the carbs. That's how they should have marketed it.
  8. Captain Obvious
    Don't eat shit processed food? Pretty simple.
  9. Hank
    Funny.. I'm a type 2 Diabetic and it works for me.......
  10. G. Freeman
    I've done my own long term tests at home and I don't get the same blood sugar spikes from Dreamfields like I do with other pasta. How do you explain that?
  11. Jennifer
    My sugar spiked crazy high with dream fields and they removed my negative comments from their Facebook. Maybe some of you folks still make insulin but for those of us with type 1 and some with type 2 who no longer make much insulin, their FALSE claims do cause harm. They harmed me and I don't want my 10 bucks back for the pasta. I deserve more, and they deserve to be out of business for purposefully harming innocent people already suffering from a chronic disease. It's sickening.
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