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Jimmy Moore tests for himself: Dreamfields’ “low carb” pasta vs Regular pasta, and he joins the growing group of people showing more or less identical results (above).

He also interviews the Pasta President (for 45 minutes) and talks to one of the researchers behind the study showing that Dreamfields’ and regular pasta have the same effect. It’s all in the post. Jimmy Moore is working hard!

Here’s the funny guy’s take on the scandal, also well worth reading:

I couldn’t agree more.


  1. I'm still trying to convince my father in law that all these low carb versions are not a good choice for his diabetes. It seems impossible to make the in laws to give up the main stream advise. People are so hard to convince sometimes. I will definitely show these tests you and Jimmy performed. It is amazing what companies can get away with.
  2. Lyford
    Jo, if your father in law is diabetic, he needs to ignore Jimmy's and Dr. Eenfeldt's test and do his own. If he's going over 140 after a meal, he needs to eat something different. It doesn't matter what it does to anyone else's blood sugar - he needs to eat based on what things do to his own.
  3. Funderaren
    Lyford, no pasta at all is even better. I dont see any reason why anybody wouldnt benefit from replacing pasta with broccoli. I have diabetes friends that switched to LCHF and basicly became medication free in a week or so.
  4. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Right. Also, Jo's father in law should invent his own wheel. It doesn't matter if a wheel works well for anyone else, he needs to ignore that and invent one of his own.

    I mean why listen to other people? Everybody is clearly different. ;)

  5. Milton
    If Jo's father is resisting a change because he adheres to conventional wisdom, then having him perform the test could be a big help in convincing him of the benefit of replacing pasta with something healthier. I don't think it's a case of re-inventing the wheel, as much as helping him to understand that the wheel works fine if you treat it properly.
  6. Naturally he needs to find a way that fits him the best. Each person is different that's for sure. I noticed that with my own family and how we react to the things we eat and what we thrive best on.

    My father in law still needs to see that the low carb pasta he is eating may influence his blood sugar the same way as regular pasta. I will suggest that he does his own test.

  7. Lyford
    It's not a question of re-inventing the wheel or anything else. My point was simply that until he tests for himself, he's not going to know how he reacts, because we all react differently to different foods (and at different times - I can eat things in the evening without much of a surge that would send me sky-high in the morning.) Until he tests for himself, he can tell himself that "I'm reacting differently" or "hey, 140 occasionally isn't too bad - I don't mind that." Only his own reactions are going to address those thoughts.

    And he's got to know his own reactions because we all value things differently. It's no sacrifice for me to give up pasta, so I don't need to look for a lower-carb or lower-glycemic alternative, and the lack isn't affecting my quality of life at all. There are other foods about which I feel differently, and I need to make trade-off decisions - am I willing to sacrifice a little bit of health for the occasional pleasure, and the knowledge that I can occasionally have that pleasure? But I've got to test to know what those trade-offs are. Just like Jo's father in law has to...

  8. Don
    In my opinion, this is much ado about nothing. The whole idea of the paleo/low carb lifestyle is to NOT EAT grain. Even fake grain. If you are eating 'low carb' pasta, your body is still thinking "ummmm, pasta." Stick with the protein, low carb veggies, & salads until the fake pasta, muffins, desserts, etc are no longer a temptation for you. The fake stuff is just as bad for your psychological outlook on diet as the real thing, plus the fake stuff is more expensive. Train your body to want only the basics & you will stand a lot better chance on staying with the plan.
  9. Kärnfrisk
    Don, don´t forget fat. A healthy, lowcarb diet contains quite much fat, such as butter and lard. ;-)
  10. adam
    Trust the Shirataki noodles...

    You're welcome

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