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Despite what you might have heard, keto doesn’t have to be a diet of deprivation. On the contrary, there are so many delicious, satisfying foods that are keto-approved.

To find long-term keto success, it’s sometimes about focusing on which foods you can have — rather than focusing on the foods you’ve had to eliminate from your pantry or kitchen.

After seven years of eating keto, I should know.

In fact, I recently spoke with an acquaintance of mine, who spent at least five minutes telling me about her medical conditions, the limitations they caused, and lamenting that her doctor told her she must lose weight in order to feel better.

She was focusing on all of the foods she couldn’t have if she ate keto, listing them even. With a smile, I started describing everything that I can enjoy now after many years of keto.

My description began with food, but I quickly transitioned the conversation to things I enjoy now, such as bike rides with the kids, kayaking, smaller clothes, and family photos.

If you’re worried about being deprived while on keto, join me this week on Diet Doctor Explores, where we’ll focus on what you are allowed on keto.

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