“Everything changed for me once I did a lifestyle change”

Before and after

Before and after

I just got another e-mail from Mexico with an impressive success story!

The Email

I was 366+ lbs (166 kg) back in February 2012 (now I’m at 253 lbs (114 kg)). Everything changed for me once I did a lifestyle change and started LCHF and being more active (walking at first, then Kettlebell fitness and now I started with Kettlebell sport training and rowing on a Concept2 indoor rowing machine that I added to my home gym).

I see my life differently now than what it was before (and not just because of those 100+ lbs that I have lost up until now  – I hope to lose more). I see all the benefits that this change have done to my health (depression, sleep apnea, hemorrhoids, skin rashes, poor circulation on my legs – all that is GONE.  I’ve been in the IT support industry for more than 20 years now, so lots of sitting all day for me, but now all is great and I’m finding that I enjoy the freedom that I have with the day to day activities that I do not remember ever doing (running, playing alongside my kids, happiness and loving myself and yes – getting clothes that fit me fine). LCHF has had such a positive impact on my life that I have no words to thank you.

Thank you for all that you do, your site and your presentation (The Food Revolution) that have helped me so much.

Before and after

Before and after


Before and after

Before and after

Congratulations on your fantastic transformation, Gabriel!


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  1. Jim
    Wow, quite a difference, great job.
  2. JT
    Fantastic - very well done, keep up the wonderful work to the new you :)
  3. Marceline
    Your son seems so happy with his healthy, strong and fit dad!
  4. Dawn
    Congrats, you looking happy and healthy! Well done. I'm still struggling to get started, so this is an

    encouragement to me that it can be done.

  5. Gill Nel
    fantastic... how long did it take you to 'get into the lifestyle' and how long before you started losing weight... you look amazing... keep going
  6. Gabriel Dominguez
    Thank you all.
    I started with just doing 30 days of LCHF (I thought "what do I have to lose, right?") so started with small changes (no sugar of any kind - not exactly cold turkey so I started blending oranges and grapefruit with water to not get back to drink sugary drinks, no wheat, really following
    LCHF for Beginners page from Dietdoctor.com ) and little by little and taking these lifestyle change with a one day at a time mentality (not thinking about how far I needed to go and really just living in the Now - Just today eat real food, just today be active, tomorrow is not here and yesterday is gone).
  7. Eric Anderson
    With the concept of Low Carb High fat is room for variation. How much and what types of fat, protein and carbohydrate can very from person to person and with the same person over time.

    I would like to have the data from those who lose 100 lbs or more and those maintaining such a loss collected and analyzed.

    The collective data could help Identify patterns of disease prevention.

    Soon (How soon) it wil be cost effective to measure blood glucose, ketones, insulin, etcetera in real time.

    Then we can see if differences are detected in diets in Mexico VS USA VS China VS India etcetera

    This could help settle some long standing questions about semi-starvation versus overnutrition with variations in Micronutrient level.

    Does LFHC reduce particle number? Does the types of fat matter?

    How much of the result can be attributed to the spontanious reduction in appetite? Spontanious increase in activity? Water loss? Glycogen loss?

    Are differences detectable in results for type 1, type 2, and non diabetics?

    on a same level of low carb do we see a change between those who include fruit (Fructose) dairy (Lactose), leafy green vegetables (glucose)

    Since data indicates insulin drives fat can we se if average insulin under nutritional ketosis has the same effect and to what degree?

    QUESTION: WHat BMI is achieved after 5 to 10 years? at some point weight does seem stable and IMO at a healthy (Not skinny or undernurished) weight and body composition.

    I think 24 or 25 is a good BMI under nutritional ketosis. My wife thinks 27 is enough.

    One observation is most report elimination or reduction of the 5 markers of the metabolic syndrome. Maybe these and a few other biomarkes are better benchmarks than simple weight loss.

  8. Mark Johnson
    Eric. ...BMI is a useless number as it only takes into account total mass (weight) and pays no attention to what that mass is comprised of, body fat % of10% vs 30% would result in two vastly different men.
  9. Gabriel Dominguez
    Mr. Anderson, totally agree with you simple weight loss could not be use as benchmarks but for some of us that have live most of our lives overweight and trap in our own bodies simple weight loss is a lot (at least for me it is) I can not speak for anybody else here, but Im so grateful for person like Doctor Andreas that take the time to share advice and to make know for many of us that do not know about LCHF, just my two cents here.
  10. GM
    I wouldn't say BMI is totally useless.It has it's place with other forms of measurement.
  11. Zepp
    BMI is a good measurment on what happens in larger groups!

    And in those larger groups of people some can have no or great improvment!

    What happens on individuals is a sign of what could happen if one is one of those that have the same condition!

    Never ever use BMI as a measurment on individual achivment.. but its a quite good measurment what could happen generaly if one tryes some perticaly approche!

    And then.. if it seems that one is not one of those that got all the benefits that the majority gets.. try something els.. thats not soo much of a secret!

    Gabriel seems to be one of those that got full benefits of the LCHF approche.. but one should not deny that one of this is eating real food.. skiping junk food!

    Being father/mother is one of those times in life thats chalenge a lot in ones life style.. one get other responsibiltyes and haw to figure out how to be a healty parent to thrive and be there a long time.. both for the child and for the family!

  12. wolfstriked
    Wow,congrats Gabriel.The pic of you and your kid is great in that you see a nice long future together.;)
  13. John
    Hi you look great keep up the hard work.
    Did you have any problems with you blood pressure and if so as it now improved/
  14. Vania

    Congratulations on your success. I have been on and off for the past year and sugar addiction has been really hard to overcome. I continue to fall for it and let myself go. It is nice to have someone else in Mexico to talk to about this, specially now that you have achieved so much! Keep rocking! Grettings from Veracruz.

  15. Mariane
    Gabriel, congratulations! You look great now. What a difference. My husband and I have been eating LCHF for a few months. He has lost 15 pounds easily and I have lost around 7(I do intermittent fasting also). We did not have much to lose but it feels good just to know what to eat instead of guessing or counting calories. I don't miss counting calories.
    Keep up the LCHF of living!

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