Chris Froome cut back on carbs, lost 20 pounds and won the Tour de France – 3 times!

Here’s a true atomic bomb in the sports nutrition world.

Chris Froome, winner of Tour de France in 2013, 2015 and 2016, now says that the winning concept was saying goodbye to most carbohydrates, and introducing more fatty protein such as salmon and eggs. By doing so, he lost 20 pounds, increased his power to weight-ratio and started winning.

Business Insider: After Chris Froome Cut Back on Carbs for More Protein, He Lost 20 Pounds, Started Winning the Tour de France, and Became A Millionaire

It’s quite funny that there are still many people who think that you need to load up on carbs to exercise at all. This is just a great example showing that that simply isn’t true.

If reducing carb intake can make Chris Froom win one of the most competitive endurance races on the planet, multiple times, how could it help you get into better shape?


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  2. Patty
    Lol, everyone else in the race have their mouths open like they are just struggling. Could be a coincidence but from my experience myself with lchf being a fat burner has the advantage of sustained energy. It's really amazing!
  3. Paul DTS
    I was thinking that... then again before I started the LCHF way, I could barely manage 20-30 sit-ups... last month I beat my record with 250 sit-ups & I had been fasting for over 24hrs when I did it...
  4. Justin
    To be fair, he lost weight reducing carb intake. However, while training and competing, I'm certain his carb intake was higher than his cutting phase. Studies have shown high-end performance suffers (in absolute terms) while in a low card state. Now, him being fat-adapted can certainly help during these long days in the saddle.
  5. Morganier
    As friends get "weak"or "dizzy" when they did not eat for a couple of hours, I ran 20 KM yesterday after a fasting period of 36 hours without trouble. No man "with the hammer". I enjoyed a good LCHF dinner after that ;) Being man of 62 with a clearer mind than before LCHF, I am convinced of the benefits of this way of living(eating).
  6. Derek Davidson
    This great inspiration as I am nearing the end of week 2 and slowly gaining sustained energy and feeling better day by day. Was invited out to begin running once again today and now can't wait to get running again.
  7. Jeroen
    I cycle and I have found that going up these mountains here in Northern Thailand is easier after eating some sweet potato..
  8. GC
    But he didn't. Of course he had carbs for the mountain stages etc. You guys should read the work from Dr James Morton who is his nutritionist and has published his real diet. Very different to what is being said here.
  9. Gentiann
    Who can you trust? successful athletes do not want the competition to know their secrets so I wouldn't trust his nutritionist.
  10. CyclingFool
    Desperate for self justification much? You really need to learn what these riders eat, so that you are not so deceptive here. It is not a high fat diet, at least not when they are training or competing. You really think these riders on the pro tour are fueling their high performance rides with high fat? You are yourself. They are carbing up ALL the time, especially before and during racing, all carbs and water, all the time, "Hand me an avocado, a boiled egg, and a strip of salmon as I ride by" said no TDF winner, ever.

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