Can LCHF help arthritis, IBS or chronic kidney disease?


Can fatty foods worsen IBS symptoms?

The answer to this and other questions – for example, what can you expect will happen to arthritis on LCHF and is LCHF safe if you suffer from kidney disease? – in this week’s Q&A with Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt:

Is a high-fat diet and low-carb diet safe if you have stage 3 chronic kidney disease?

Are there any foods that I should avoid on this diet to prevent the chronic kidney disease from getting worse?


Hi Elaine,

I’m not a specialist in kidney disease. However, to the best of my understanding stage 3 is not very advanced and does not require a special diet. What’s important is to deal with the risk factors that can make the kidney disease worse. That certainly includes high blood glucose and high blood pressure. An LCHF diet can help with both of these problems if they exist, which should decrease the risk of progression of the kidney disease.

I’m not aware of any specific foods that should be avoided on an LCHF diet, because of the kidney disease.

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Andreas Eenfeldt



I am really, REALLY keen to try LCHF.

But I think that for me at least there may be the following barrier: I suffer from mild-medium IBS which seems to be made worse by fat. For many people it seems that grains are the main cause of IBS and LCHF helps, but for me, fatty foods seem to be the problem (I think this is not entirely uncommon and did see some medical basis for it somewhere online).

Any suggestions, tips or solutions? Are there some fats more prone to cause IBS for example or is it all down to the individual?

Many thanks,

I’d suggest giving it a shot. Lots of people experience reduced problems with IBS on LCHF, it’s very common.

Worst case, it does not work well, even after giving it some time and tweaking, and then you can stop doing it knowing you gave it a try.

Andreas Eenfeldt

What effect will LCHF have on someone with arthritis?

I have heard that diet can play an important role in managing the effects of arthritis and as I have arthritis of the hips I am interested to see if this type of diet will help that condition. Some websites suggest that proteins and fats make arthritis worse and that the only way to go is eating carbs. So I am interested in your views, please.


A lot of people experience less aches in joints on LCHF, so it could be worth trying. Although it certainly does not cure everything.

I don’t think there is any good reason to believe that protein and fat would make arthritis worse, I’d love to see what possible support there is for that strange idea.



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  1. Steve
    I came to LCHF first through wheat elimination. I had bad knee and ankle pain prior to that, and after 3-4 weeks of not eating bread/wheat the pain went away and did not come back. The arthritis is a complication of the gliadin protein in wheat.
  2. Lorraine

    I am just getting ready to start the 2 week introduction. I have an intolerance to tomatoes any suggestions what I can put in their place please.

    Do you know if I scramble my eggs the night before can I reheat in the microwave the next morning, I am not very good at eating early o'clock before I start my shift.

    Thanks :-)

  3. Andrew
    Lorraine, I always struggled with eating early too, but eventually decided to listen to my body and skip breakfast. Problem solved with positive effects re. fat burning. Why not try that?
  4. Bonnie
    Hi! I am giving this a try. I do not tolerate dairy or eggs well, but my Doctor has encouraged me to do my best. I do want to let anyone know who struggles with eggs that I've made the Keto bread with a common egg substitute of 1 Tbsp ground flax to 1 Tbsp hot water, per egg in the recipe and it turned out great.
    I am feeling better physically but emotionally, I'm pretty irritable. No dairy and eggs means I eat more meat and nuts to stay full. This does not work wonders for weight loss (although I am down about 10pounds in 2 weeks) and I don't know how healthy it is either. I still feel hungry and this seems like just another diet.
    Happy for your input.

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