Can 100% fruit juice labels claim “no added sugar”?

Soda versus juice

Is “no added sugar” labeling on 100% juice products misleading? In a recent lawsuit against Kroger, a large grocery chain, the judge ruled that it was not. The plaintiff Sonia Perez argued that 100% juice cannot have a “no added sugar” label since 100% juice products never contain added sugar.

The Food Navigator: Yes, you can make ‘no sugar added’ claims on 100% juice, CA judge tells Kroger

The judge ruled in Kroger’s favor, explaining that customers may be comparing the juice to other beverages that do contain added sugar. But in this law suit, the critical point about fruit juice and sugar gets lost. Even if 100% fruit juice does not contain added sugar, it is still FULL of sugar. In some cases, 100% juice can even have more sugar than a soda — it is just not added. But guess what? Your body does not know or care where the sugar originates. Sugar is sugar, folks.

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