“Tons of sugar and limited nutrients” – why juice is not healthy


More and more health organizations have realized that sugar and soda are major culprits in the development of obesity and type 2 diabetes. But for some reason fruit juice has escaped blame, in spite of its great sugar content and lack of nutrients.

It’s time to stop viewing fruit juice as healthy. As the author of this NYT article writes: “We doubt you’d take a multivitamin if it contained 10 teaspoons of sugar.”

The New York Times: Seriously, juice is not healthy



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  1. Diane Welland
    As a registered dietitian working with the Juice Products Association, I would like to correct some misinformation. In the New York Times op-ed, Drs. Cheng, Fiechtner and Carroll ignore the majority of nutrition science supporting 100% juice in a healthy diet. One hundred percent fruit juice is classified within the fruit group by the USDA because it is nutritionally similar to whole fruit, containing the same essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, magnesium and potassium, and no added sugars. A systematic review published in the March 2018 issue of Advances in Nutrition reaffirms that there is no conclusive evidence linking 100% fruit juice to adverse health conditions, including obesity. In fact, research shows that people who drink 100% juice have higher intakes of whole fruit and a better overall diet quality compared with non-drinkers. With more than 75 percent of Americans not eating the recommended amounts of fruit, it is important to encourage Americans to consume more fruits in all forms – juice included.
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  2. Lee
    Want a heart attack, or hypertension, dementia, or gout? Eat fructose. Where to get fructose? Fruit juice is best.

    Interesting to see criminal food industry ‘s paid flacks showing up here.

    Note: the above listed chronic diseases is grossly incomplete.

  3. Elena Lamberson
    Physicians and dieticians are being left in the dust of believing old and bad nutritional science! Wake up! Sugar and refined carbs are the cause of so much misery. I hope more grocery stores will offer low carb, sugar free products for those of us trying to reverse Type2 Diabetes or lose a ton of weight!
  4. Janet
    The minute a “nutritionist” mentions government guidelines and that they are paid by the food industry, I know they are peddling false information. I just consider them the real “death panels”. Go away Diane. Damage someone else. Now, time to cook my bacon and eggs with sautéed spinach and real butter.
  5. Kenrick
    Yes - but juice is fibre absent - just to clarify I don’t believe that fibre is necessarily needed ( plenty of good solid research to suggest otherwise ). But it is not contained in processsd juices - if the fruit was consumed as a whole the fibre would in essence slow the absorption of the fructose ( not stop it )...try eating 13 whole oranges in one sitting ...almost impossible todo ...where as it’s very easy to drink 13 oranges in the form of fruit juice ...

    Kenrick Fearn MSc ( Human Nutrition ) BSc ( Hons)

  6. Kenrick
    And exactly whose measurement of daily fruit serving a day are you going by - not the Goverment one set by the food producers and agricultral industry without any solid scientific evidence - BTW if there is some real evidence please share it ...and I hope it’s not epidemiological research ...as we all know what that is worth ( with exceptions like smoking for example ) ?

    All over the world each country has its own set minimum fruit and vegetable consumption rate ...none of which have been proven at any stage to prevent cancers etc...as they are claimed to do ...(soon you will be telling us to cut down on our salt consumption and restrict saturated fats next lol) plus if five a day is good for you why has it been issued a patent unless it’s used to make money ...yes you have to pay to use the five a day logo etc etc ...

    Yet again more BS peddle by the various industries in order to sell their products ...so, why not just look at the real science - not the inaccurate and disingenuous rubbish given out by those who stand to financially profit from such advice ...it just makes me so angry sometimes - talk about brain washing !

    Kenrick Fearn MSc ( Human Nutrition ) BSc ( Hons)

  7. Janet
    Diane must be new at trolling. Big mistake to admit she is paid by beverage industry plus show up here. I’m sure Coke and Sunny D rushed her into extra counseling😁😱
  8. Tanya
    Give it to her!! We will not buy into the lies anymore.

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