“The best 84 days of my life”

Then and now

Then and now

Linnéa Sundberg, 23 years old, had always been overweight. She had always had troublesome stress-related digestive issues and was addicted to sugar.

Here’s what happened when she started eating LCHF:

The Email

Hi Andreas!

I’ve always been obese. Always sought comfort in food and been addicted to sugar for as long as I can remember. Food was something I ate both when I was sad and happy, but most often when I was bored.

In November 2012, I had had enough and started a low-fat diet and exercised like crazy. I quit doing this in May 2013. That’s when my body said “no” to getting its energy from dry chicken filets and I had had enough of the low-fat dairy products. In the summer of 2013 I ignored everything connected to diets and I ate and ate.

I had had enough of my weight when a friend and I went to an outlet. I have always had stress related digestive issues, but lately I had more and more indications that there was something else going on in addition. I got horrible stomach pains from eating both gluten and lactose. At the shopping mall, among lots of people, I got a cramp like I had never experienced before. I remember that I leaned on the shopping cart, and wanted to cry. I went to the restroom, but the cramp was not of that kind. It just felt as if someone was tying all the intestines together and tightening real hard.

In September 2013 I started a low-carb diet, but not LCHF. I was still afraid of fat. On January 1st, 2014, I started to eat LCHF and this is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. It’s said that it takes 100 days for the body to make something a habit. Today I’ve eaten an LCHF diet, been sugar free and free from cramps for 84 days, so according to what they say, soon my body will have adapted. These are the best 84 days of my life. I eat good food every day, I’m rarely hungry and my blood sugar stays stable throughout the day.

But the best of all. I’ve really got my life back. For the first time in a very long time I’m able to buy clothes in regular stores after having decreased my waist measurement by 8 inches (20+ cm)

It would really be an honor to be featured on your blog. Im Linnealchf on Instagram, if you want to check it out. However, I’m far from finished! But with LCHF everything seems possible :)




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  1. Nate

    I'm happy that you lost fat by accepting fat. (Sounds rather like words from a Zen Buddhist.)

  2. Welldun
    Huge Congratulations!
  3. Linnea
    Tack så hemskt mycket Andreas för publiceringen på Diet Dr! Betyder så mycket!
  4. John
    Interesting what you say about cramps - can anyone explain the science behind that?
    I've been LCHF for 2 months and have had no cramps since starting (I used to get them all the time in my hamstrings and calves - especially through the night). I was also addicted to sugar and had already correlated the cramps to the sugar, but don't know why that would be...
    Reply: #19
  5. Urban
    Great job! Must be a wonderful feeling.
  6. Sabine
    Great work!
  7. murray
    Very happy for you that you have your life back and that you had the courage to try something different.
  8. nikosx
    "In November 2012, I had had enough and started a low-carb diet..." Probably she means a low-fat diet
  9. Caitlin
    Aww, she looks so happy.
  10. Ana
    I looked on her Instagram and it looks like she was never really fat to begin with. Also, all of her "fat" pictures cut off the face or she's hiding the face. So it's hard to see.
    Replies: #13, #14
  11. Sophie
    I am so proud of you!
  12. Molly
    John - cramps can be a sign of low magnesium and also sub-optimal thyroid function. LCHF improves both magnesium intake and thyroid function, so that might do it :)

    And on the subject of magnesium, I have just discovered Epsom Salts baths :). Aaaaahhhhh....

  13. Michelle
    Ana - seriously?
  14. Jonas A

    I looked on her Instagram and it looks like she was never really fat to begin with. Also, all of her "fat" pictures cut off the face or she's hiding the face. So it's hard to see.

    Haha huh?

    I think she looks huge in the first picture and really good on the other. Big difference. Great job!

  15. Shelly Stein
    Well done.
    Is there a menu plan one can follow

    Regards Shelly

  16. craig castanet
    In the very top picture she looks beached! Congrats on being less of a woman.
  17. Nan
    Congratulations! What beautiful transformation. I wish I had learned about hflc when I was young. You are gaining so much in good health for now and the future.


  18. ah
    well done
  19. Mike Scott
    I'm 71 years old and know what leg cramps feel like! To overcome leg cramps just take Calcium with magnesium. This will eliminate any leg cramps in about one hour or even less! As calcium is very constipating, you should always take magnesium with it. I learned this one when boxing in my younger days. The skipping part of the training was a "killer" for cramps. After taking cal/mag I didn't have a single cramp.

    Good luck

    Mike Scott

  20. Kim Gettingright
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    But take this time in my life to try to articulate on this concept and to give it "just it’s do’s", is not on the list of priorities. I will just have to promise, to return back this topic at a later date. I will put that on the back burner for now, due to my list of other prior arrangements.”

    I did come across this great site called http://www.femaleblueprint4fatloss.com, I believe that they spent the time to formulate and package a great message regarding this topic the Leptin Gene. I recommend, if any female is serious about losing and keeping off the pounds, then she should educate herself and make life changes and then start changing her life and it starts at this site called femaleblueprint4fatloss.com.

  21. barbara
    I real need lose weight. I just got second knee surgery done this June
    I need lose 80lb or more
  22. Brandi
    hi I'm wanting to start this diet I have read the things on the websit I'm so over welmed that I don't know were to start I need to lose 135 pounds by June please can someone help me I need this so bad.

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