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Clara Gonzalez is an experienced recipe creator, blogger and food photographer from Dominican Republic who is passionate about improving health through diet. 17 years ago she started a blog that documents the food culture and traditional recipes from her native country. The blog became so popular that she decided to leave her job in international commerce and dedicate herself to her passion: writing and photographing Dominican recipes and publishing them online.

3 years ago, Clara was diagnosed with hypertension and pre-diabetes. Knowing that there was a long family history of diabetes on her mother’s side, she worried that she might be on the same trajectory. However, she discovered the keto diet, tried it out, and was able to reduce her blood glucose and blood pressure to normal levels in just 2 weeks. She never looked back, and now enjoys radiant health while using her experience in recipe creation to come up with low carb versions of her favorite dishes.

For Clara, working with Diet Doctor is the perfect way to fuse her passion for recipe creation with her new way of eating. Her recipes reflect her deep love of Latin American cuisine and culture and combine it with her conviction that through food we can reverse chronic disease and revolutionize our health.

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