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    Excellent interview, especially about LDL and keto/LC needing to be separated in the minds of clinicians. I had an NMR test run after 5 months on keto. Because of keto dramatically improving most of my metabolic markers BUT greatly increasing my LDL-C, I did a spreadsheet of my CHO levels over the past 18 years of tests (mostly done at workplace health fairs over those years). My LDL-P, apoB and other markers had not been previously tracked so there was no baseline until August. It became obvious that my LDL-C and TC have been elevated for ALL of those 18 years and my newly measured LDL-P & apoB are well over recommended levels. The spreadsheet put everything into sharp focus. I decided to do a genetic test for FH and I am having a CAC test done next week. If I had not changed my way of eating and improved all of the other markers of metabolic syndrome, I would not have known that I have a problem NOT caused by keto! Thanks to the podcasts and other resources at Diet Doctor, I am well prepared to work with the lipidologist on managing my health together.
  3. marney
    Great interview! Another one with confusion about lipid blood tests and a family history of heart disease. My markers are all good except for LDL being higher than it should be, not a hyper responder as I understand it, but still higher than guidelines would like. But the family history is fraught. So I have chosen to take a statin. I find it difficult in the Facebook group when people ask questions about higher LDL because of the pressure against statins so I have become quieter about my choice. I appreciate the validation that I can do both low carb and take a statin without being seen as crazy. The interview has opened my eyes to the value of reducing my saturated fat intake. Thanks!
  4. irene.estores
    Another excellent podcast! Thoughtful questions and answers from two clinicians who practice medicine by using their heads and their hearts. This helps me in my own medical practice as I continue to explore this nutritional approach.

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