The diet glasses


Here’s another bizarre tool for losing weight: The Diet Glasses. Yes. Glasses for losing weight.

How do they work do you think?

Made in Japan

The glasses were invented in Japan (where else) by professor Michitaka Hirose and his team at Tokyo University (original source). The glasses work by seemingly enlarging the food in your hand, while your hand still looks the same.


The idea is that if the food you eat look larger you will automatically eat less and lose weight.

The glasses were tested at Tokyo University and people wearing the enlarging glasses ate 9.3% fewer cookies than a control group. When the glasses made the cookies look smaller instead people ate 15 percent more cookies.

Why this is stupid

There are many reasons why this is a stupid idea. Just look at the glasses. Would you wear them at lunch?

However, the number one reason is this:

If you want to lose weight the trick is not to wear glasses that fool you into eating 9.3% fewer cookies. The trick is to not eat cookies.


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