The diet glasses


Here’s another bizarre tool for losing weight: The Diet Glasses. Yes. Glasses for losing weight.

How do they work do you think?

Made in Japan

The glasses were invented in Japan (where else) by professor Michitaka Hirose and his team at Tokyo University (original source). The glasses work by seemingly enlarging the food in your hand, while your hand still looks the same.


The idea is that if the food you eat look larger you will automatically eat less and lose weight.

The glasses were tested at Tokyo University and people wearing the enlarging glasses ate 9.3% fewer cookies than a control group. When the glasses made the cookies look smaller instead people ate 15 percent more cookies.

Why this is stupid

There are many reasons why this is a stupid idea. Just look at the glasses. Would you wear them at lunch?

However, the number one reason is this:

If you want to lose weight the trick is not to wear glasses that fool you into eating 9.3% fewer cookies. The trick is to not eat cookies.


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  1. mezzo
    You just HAVE to love this idea. Whatever next? Oh - I can think of something. The diet hammer. Knock yourself unconscious every time you feel hungry. Also highly recommended for biceps development. And it will give you a soft head. But then - maybe that is not necessary. If you are tempted by this kind of gadget your head has already gone soft.
  2. The crazieness never ends! If the glasses make everything look bigger they may be popular with the men.
  3. mezzo, I think that your "diet hammer" idea has a lot of potential! Killing two birds with one stone - making users leaner and stronger at the same time. What's not to like? And, who cares about the head anyway?

    So, funny! Thanks.

  4. mezzo
    Thanks Violeta.

    Dwight: THAT is a marvellous idea as well and I am now beginning to wonder whether it was by chance that it was JAPANESE men who came up with this wonderful thing.

  5. "Stupid" might take three criticism a little too far. This idea has a basis in experimental evidence: many people change how much they east based on visual cues like how much food is left too eat.

    I'd call this "misguided" and "insufficient", but it's not quite "stupid".

  6. Maggan A
    Might work for carb-eaters hwo have lost contact with their bodies normal "stop" signals...
  7. Zepp
    I do think there is a misunderstanding, the thing should be placed over the mouth.. its dificult to eat anything with this adapt to your mouth!!
  8. Alexandra M
    When I was using The Eatery app, I eventually got frustrated with having my avocado and smoked salmon breakfast rated "fattening," so for a while I entertained my self by getting people to rate the exact same portion of the exact same food differently depending on whether I put it on a smaller or larger plate, or put a salad fork or dinner fork next to it, or just held the camera closer or further away.

    I do make a conscious choice all the time, though, and put most of my meals on a bread plate (a little larger than a saucer) and eat with a salad fork.

    But unless you're wearing the glasses all the time, it's pretty hard to fool yourself to that degree, IMO.

  9. Maggan A
    Zepp #7

    haha like a chastity belt.
    should work well for Americans, but completely wasted with Swedes ;-)

  10. Bee
    But it kinda looks like it makes your hands look fat- Oh no, I have sausage fingers, I should stop eating? Mmm, sausage...
    Maybe it does work!
  11. Maggan A
    Bee you are spot on. the only downside to LCHF I have experiansed is that my weddingring is getting bigger. (or my finger IS getting smaller) Soon I will loose it if I dont watch out...
  12. Rachel
    I'd just like to say that the cartoon version of Dr E at the top of the screen offering me a giant red fish made me laugh out loud. I hope there are more avatars to come. Maybe one eating butter? Or looking disapprovingly at a cupcake.
  13. With all the new wearable technology that's in the works, it's probably just a matter of time until we can calculate our nutritional intake by wearing a gadget that looks at the food we are eating. I would find that really cool.
  14. JAUS
    I suspect someone will try the low budget version and tape binoculars to their glasses while eating.
  15. Alexandra M
    "...calculate our nutritional intake by wearing a gadget that looks at the food we are eating."

    You can get an iPhone app that lets you share picture of what you're eating with other users and a bunch of vegans and fat phobics will rate your choices "very fattening."

    The best rating I ever got was for kale chips - and it probably was less than 100% because some people were worried they might have salt on them.

  16. Pat Foster
    They are proto-types you fu**kin retard.

    Same as computers are no longer 30 feet high like they had a NASA in the 60's. The average smart phone has more processing power than all of the 1969 NASA computers combined.

    You really are a moron.

    Perhaps you would be happier with the Paper Bag diet ?

    Just put a paper bag over your head and then you cannot eat... LOL

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