Insane dieting: The Tongue Patch

Take a look at this bizarre operation: A patch sewn to the tongue to make it painful to eat. It is supposed to help with weight loss.

Only a calories in-out fanatic could take this seriously. It sounds like paying money to get a speaking / chewing disorder.

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  1. It won't do a thing to stop liquid sugar which is the worst.
  2. Jim L.
    Nothing new. Folks used to have their jaws wired shut and drink a liquid diet.

    Anything but doing the work.

  3. Lyford
    "Anything but doing the work."

    I don't think that's fair. Would you go through that if everything else hadn't failed? And by "everything else," I mean, of course, the traditional conventional wisdom recommendations of starving and sweating. No one gets to the point of surgery without having worked at it, starved themselves, worked like a dog, but when you're on the wrong road, it doesn't matter how fast you run - you aren't going to get to where you want to get...

  4. Dalila
    That patch looks an awful lot like velcro. For $1800???? It's a little scary that people go to these lengths. Not to mention it's only a temporary fix. Isn't it completely possible that once the patch is off, people will seek out the food that they couldn't consume while they had the patch?

    Lyford, I agree that for some people the "Anything but doing the work" line is unfair, but the girl who they interviewed even admitted that she's "the type of person who doesn't care how you lose the weight as long as you lose it". Not everyone is willing to put in the effort required to lose weight. Or they would rather hurt themselves with things like this patch than exercise a little bit and change LIFESTYLE. I know quite a few people who go on diets to lose weight and it works, but they consider it just that: a diet. Not a lifestyle change, which is what's necessary to keep them from yo-yoing in weight over and over.

    Quite honestly, I would rather work out and eat LCHF than have a patch of what seems like velcro sown onto my tongue. Unfortunately, a large amount of people think LCHF is crazy due to the massive brainwashing the U.S. has been exposed to for the past 20 or more years.

  5. i have never seen this before! i dont really think thats effective, natural weight loss is much better...
  6. I could totally gain weight with a liquid-only cream, anyone?

    This is utter nonsense!

  7. Milton
    I think that even someone who counts calories religiously would think that sewing a contraption on your tongue to make eating painful is a crazy thing to do. That is the province of two types of person: the person who has become desperate for a solution to being overweight, and the person who is convinced that somehow, this is an easy way out.

    Too many people struggle with weight because they follow the flawed guidelines that we have been given. Or they follow bad dietary advice from the perfectly-fit exercise guru on TV, or the "quick fix" diet in a magazine. And when they fail, they are told that they are lazy slobs with no self-control. But never fear! We have this new medical miracle that can fix the problem! Just take this pill. Or let us sew your stomach in half, or sew a patch onto your tongue.

    Is it a wonder that people fail to lose weight or remain healthy when they are confronted with this? They feel as if their options are to eat tasty food and become fat, or torture themselves and *stay* fat. All I can say is-- spread the word. Not everyone will listen, but we'll be able to help at least a few people to get out of that awful and painful situation.

  8. First, glad to see an English blog from you Andreas!

    Second, this is crazy. Even if it works, it doesn't teach you how to eat afterwards. It teaches you to live on near starvation calories and only eat liquid foods. Real education begins with correct nutritional information, which we here in the U.S. have been so sadly lacking in. The tide is starting to turn though, so there is hope yet!

  9. Imwithstupid
    Ignoring how crazy this is as someone with their tounge pierced it would be so much cheaper and have the exact same effect if you just went and got your tounge pierced and then after the first week period refused to have the larger training barbell taken out.
  10. Ugluk
    Is the natural way healthier and way more advisable? Yes.
    In theory, by all means. In the practice some people live on intermitent diets all their life and just can't get there. Can't find the will, the momentum to go throuhg exhausting exercise and severe diets so they can achieve the desired size and they need something, something that makes them regardless of cravings or emotional state. Is the patch that thing? Who knows probably not, it all depends on how they do it by now but I can clearly see how desperation and tiredness of one self can lead to it.

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