The fat magnet

The Fat Magnet

Here’s the stupidest weight loss product I’ve seen this year. It looks like infomercial junk from the fat phobic 80’s. Instead it was recently shown on the popular American health show Dr Oz – which says a lot about the quality of the advice there.

The Fat Magnet works by you first freezing your food into a block of ice (I’m not joking) after which it can remove some of the fat from the top of the ice/food. Of course some of the flavor and fat soluble vitamins disappears as well. And the food will be less satisfying, so you’ll probably eat more. Perhaps you’ll end up gaining weight.

The Fat Magnet and other fat phobic junk on the dr Oz Show

Beside all the other reasons why this is stupid it’s also bad for the environment to throw away good food.

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  1. Eric
    Bahahaha. Love it. xD

    "The Fat Magnet and other fat phobic junk on the dr Oz Show" lololol. ♥

  2. mezzo
    Muhaha. How stupid can you get? Anything liquid that cools down will have the fat swimming at the top - ever had to eat homemade broth that got cold? It's got fat puddles at the top...that you can syphon off with a skimming ladle. Which probably costs one tenth of the fat magnet....
  3. Oh no, don't even try to pull that joke on me... It has to be an "ironic remake" of Dr Oz, just listen to the stupid cupid sidekick, OMG...
  4. Bong Kim
    It really challenges the limit of stupidity of mankind.
  5. Alexandra M
    I'd be laughing a lot harder if they weren't so damned thin! I really hate his show with its fatuous, credulous audience ooh-ing and aah-ing at every product pitch.

    (It's the "magnet" that goes into the freezer, not the soup. Same thing I used to do in the old days with an ice cube.)

  6. Dr Oz promotes low fat diet... Although I did see a guy there that were on Atkins diet once..
  7. Janknitz
    I had to double check my calendar to make sure it wasn't April Fool's day! LOL--fat phobia sells!
  8. Alexandra M
    Gary Taubes was on his show once...

    What a dishonest jerk. "Oooh, I went low carb for one day and I didn't feel good!"

    How many people don't feel good every day on the kind of diet Oz recommends?

  9. Bernardo
    "Oooh, I went low carb for one day and I didn't feel good!"

    Also, we all know the symptons of the first days on a Low Carb diet. You can't possibly judge it by how you feel in the first days, or week.

  10. lupo
    @Bernardo (#9):
    Great point. What about "Ooooh, I went without cigarettes for one day and I didn't feel good!" as a perfect analogy for this statement?
  11. Mike W
    It just shows how the "fat = bad" paradigm is continually, persistently reinforced in all our media. I sometimes think it will never go away.

    I was thinking about that when I saw yet another low-carb-is-dangerous news story yesterday (obese rats fed an LCHF diet had more heart attacks). When I looked into that study some more, I saw that, yes, the rats were fed a rat chow that was 60% fat. But one third of that fat was Crisco! This is how they test LCHF in the lab, by giving rats a diet that's 20% Crisco? No wonder they did badly - come on, that hydrogenated sludge isn't fit for man or beast. But, no doubt, the study will be mentioned on a future Dr. Oz show as further proof that fat is bad for you.

  12. Margaretrc
    As I commented on a FB post of this clip, I want to add fat, not take it away. Such nonsense.
  13. JAUS
    This is just tragic in my opinion. I hope that humanity will move forward fast so we can start educate us and learn how to be critical thinkers.
  14. ThatGuy
    I'm willing to bet with enough research, OZ has some stake in the company or the patent.
  15. Valerie B
    You know, I used to really like seeing Dr. Oz on Oprah. He always explained things in a way that was understandable to the layperson. But now I feel so disappointed that he's the same as all the other doctors/scientists, preaching the "fat is bad" dogma and not being open minded enough to really look at the research, etc. I thought better of him, but he let me down. Guess that just goes to show you have to be your own researcher/health advocate. Lesson learned.
  16. Bill Knotek
    I hear you Valerie. I like him on his passion to know more about individual foods and to cook himself. As far as "fat is bad", he IS just like not critically thinking about it. I do not know why. Once again, being disheartended, like you say, tells me I must be my
    own research/health advocate.

    Good luck. I do like the Diet Doctor web site. I also am being open to other ideas, just to make sure this is the latest, best science. If you have any ideas for resources, please post them for us.

  17. As P.T.Barnum said so well: There's a sucker born every minute.
  18. Jen
    Actually, the concept can be useful, but in reverse. Since oil floats on water, it's my lazy way to make ghee from pastured butter:

    1) Melt sticks of pastured butter, pour into metal bowl.

    2) Put bowl in freezer until it freezes solid.

    3) lay out a few paper towels on the countertop

    4) Fill sink with enough warm water to reach the lip of the bowl

    5) lower the bowl into the water until the frozen block of butter is no longer stuck to the bowl

    6) invert bowl onto the paper towels & lift the bowl off. Behold the ButterDome. The thick bottom layer is ghee. The icy top layer is water, milk solids & milk sugars.

    7) scrape off the icy top layer and put it down the drain.

    8. Put the thick layer of frozen ghee back in the bowl. Remelt it & save in a jar & refrigerate.

    Result: lazy pastured ghee!

  19. Dohnaven Simmons
    Are you stupid?! You don't freeze the food dumbass. You freeze the fat magnet!

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