The Acid-Alkaline Myth

If you eat meat, will your blood become acidic, leading to osteoporosis and cancer? This is what some people still believe.

However, as humans have been eating meat since about forever, it would be pretty weird if our bodies couldn’t handle it without breaking down!

The big Paleo star Chris Kresser gave a talk on the science behind the Acid-Alkaline theories at the recent Paleo f(x) conference. I did a brief video interview with him about it and you can see all of it above.

Paleo f(x) 2015

If you want to watch all the ten on-site interviews we did – with people like Mark Sisson – you can check them out right away at the membership site (free trial one month).

10 interviews from Paleo f(x)

In addition to these we did two longer and higher-quality sit-down interviews at the conference. These are coming up as soon as they are edited – there is a lot more work involved with them.


You can also check out the full video of Kresser’s Paleo f(x) talk on our membership site (free trial available).

The Acid-Alkaline Myth – Chris Kresser


  1. T33CH
    This myth is funny because most vegan/vegetarians dont know that grains are acid. They rail against meat being acid forming yet stuff their mouths full of grains. Oh the ignorance. Lastly, they don't even realize that food doesn't alter blood ph, only urine ph.
  2. Lori Miller
    Thank you for posting this. Alkalyzing diets are just vegetarianism dressed up as science. Sadly, at least one person died trying to cure herself of cancer on such a diet.

  3. Nate
    Hey, when is Cereal Killer 2 coming to Diet Doctor?
    Reply: #4
  4. As soon as possible. ;)
    Reply: #5
  5. tz
    I'd be careful of the word "myth".
    For the last few decades, "carbs make you fat" was a "myth"
    Acid/Alkaline is a state, but it needs to be quantified and explored, not dismissed.
  6. marika
    I agree: study it, especially anomalies or limit situation.
    What happens to systemic buffers and calcium in sarcopenia if urine Ca & proteins are not compendated by food (appetite loss)?

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