Before and after six weeks on an LCHF diet


Magnus Karlsson sent me a new update from his LCHF journey. Six weeks have gone by: 


Good evening!

First I want to thank all who are motivating me further with nice comments about me on your website. This support helps me keep up my new life with an LCHF diet. A few weeks ago, when I discovered the Diet Doctor, I was a newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic and short for my weight…. 258 lbs (117 kg), sporting a beer belly that I didn’t want to display.

Now my body is in balance and I keep my blood sugar stable and I’m enjoying the weight loss enormously, although it is expensive as my clothes are now a couple of sizes too big.

I live in France with my wife, where we run a Bed & Breakfast, and we plan to offer our guests this diet as we’re seeing that the interest in feeling good, hopefully long term, and without diabetes, is high.

My goal is to stabilize my blood sugar before Christmas, and to go below 220 lbs (100 kg). I’m already halfway there, as my blood sugar is stable and just ten more pounds (4 kg) to go, and I’ll be there… below 100 kg.

I’m eating an LCHF diet, having some wine and living life as everybody else.

Have a nice evening!

The pictures above are taken with Magnus wearing the same shirt, before and after six weeks on an LCHF diet.

You can find Magnus’s Bed and Breakfast here: Chez Amis B&B

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