New study: Beef can have a positive impact on the environment

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Cows can have a positive impact on the environment, according to a new study. It demonstrates that red meat can help mitigate climate change, restore soil quality and improve biodiversity. If we use a more sustainable grazing method, that is:

“The research clearly demonstrates there are no net emissions of greenhouse gas with well-planned AMP grazing, due to the sequestration of soil carbon,” Jones said. AMP grazing provides “countless other ecosystem services,” she added, “including improved biodiversity, erosion control (soil is by far America’s largest export), increased soil water-holding capacity, and greater drought resilience.

Civil Eats: Can responsible grazing make beef climate-neutral?

And some more great news is that the demand for sustainably-produced meat is growing rapidly. More specifically, the sales of grass-fed organic meat went from $6 million in 2012 to $89 million in 2016.


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