The Magic Pill – How to make food your medicine – available today

The Magic Pill – a documentary exploring food as medicine – is available on demand today on demand. Check your local TV provider, iTunes, Amazon VOD and others.

What if most of our modern diseases are really just symptoms of the same problem? The Magic Pill follows doctors, patients, scientists, chefs, farmers and journalists from around the globe who are combating illness through a paradigm shift in eating. And this simple change – embracing fat as our main fuel – is showing profound promise in improving the health of people, animals and the planet.

You can watch the trailer above.

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  1. Birgit
    When will it be available for download or as dvd in Europe?
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  3. Birgit
    even in ITunes only available in the US
    Please consider that the readers of this page are NOT only living in the US.
    You are basically advertising something unavailable to the majority of people.
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  5. Gina
    Can you tell me if there is a follow up to the movie online--how the participants have progressed. The recipes ... my husband want to try the chocolate the gal was making (Sara that shrunk her cancer tumor). Is any of that available??
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  6. Heather
    I just watched the film and it’s excellent! I second Gina’s comment. Would love to find the recipes used in the film as they looked delicious.
  7. Stacy
    The film is on YouTube. is where you can find that lady's recipe for chocolate
  8. Bruce R
    Wonderful documentary! Sharing with all my friends.
  9. Millie
    Would like the recipe for the pancakes at the end. The dad said 3 ingredients. Egg, almond butter and I think squash? Squash? What kind? What’s the recipe please. Would like to try these.
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  10. Carolinass
    Yes me too! I want the recipe!!
  11. Amanda Stewart
    Awesome job. I've been eating keto for a year as a type 1 diabetic and feel great. My insulin requirements are down from 70 units a day to 25 (just my basil rate). My eczema has also disappeared and I'm sleeping way better.
  12. rachel singleton
    Simple pancakes made with just 3 ingredients. Delicious and nourishing. Makes about 24 small pancakes.


    1 cup squash, cooked
    1/2 cup homemade almond butter, or other nut butter
    4 pastured eggs
    Fat for cooking (lard, ghee, coconut oil, etc.) MIGHT BE THIS RECIPE

  13. Millie
    Any kind of squash?
  14. michelle
    I am going to try the baby jar squash for the pancakes.
  15. Shawnna
    The squash is acorn or butternut
  16. Layahsmom
    4 eggs
    1/2 cup almond butter
    1 cup squash

    I tried them this morning and they were pretty good!

  17. LYNN
    I would love to know how to make the walnut fudge
  18. Josie
    I would love to try all the magic pill offers, I am all for change and having a healthier family. How can I get recipes
  19. Fancy
    Is it the keto diet or the paleo diet?
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  20. Meg
    I would love a link to great recipes to incorporate into everyday life. I already eat low carb but feel like I need that little something beyond just veggie and meat everyday.
  21. Cynthia
    GREAT video!! Would LOVE all the recipe for the foods they were eating on this show!
  22. Linda
    I also would like a follow up on the participants. Is there any way we can see how everyone is doing?
  23. Laura
    wonderful film! I'm telling everyone I know to watch it
  24. Carol
    Keto Chocolate Fat Bomb Recipe - The Magic Pill Recipes
    That Sara made on he Magic Pill documentary - sugar free chocolate with hazelnuts

    150g / 5.3oz cocoa butter (unprocessed)
    100g / 3.5oz cocoa powder (lowest carb content is around 8/9g carbs per 100g, linked here)
    100g roasted hazelnuts
    1 dash of vanilla essence
    20 drops liquid sucralose / stevia
    OR 2/3 tbsp icing sweetener

  25. Carol
    Here is the Macademia Loaf Recipe that Sara made on the documentary, The Magic Pill.
    Keto Macadamia Fat Bread Recipe from The Magic Pill keto Netflix documentary

    Nutritional Values per Loaf: calories 3,183 carbs 25 (fibre 44) fat 309 protein 70


    150g or 5.3oz Macadamia Nuts or Macadamia Butter
    220g or 7.76oz Coconut Butter (also known as Manna)
    6g or 0.2oz Baking Soda
    3g or 0.1oz Pink Himalayan Salt
    60ml or 2 fl oz Lemon Juice
    5 eggs (circa 50g each)

    Batter Bowl
    Silicone Spatula
    Loaf Tin
    Coconut Oil Spray
    Hand Mixer
    High Speed Blender (to make nut butter)

    This is the bread recipe we saw in The Magic Pill made by Sara. I found her original recipe on her website but unfortunately, the website has some security issue so I decided to remake it. Took two attempts as the baking soda / ammonia smell that sometimes happens in keto baking happened here, so the amount of acid to counteract the alkaline was too little for my attempt, took the second one with twice as much lemon juice to make it work, but it's worth it and a very simple recipe.

  26. Elle
    Hi Carol & fellow seekers.
    I had the same "security issue" when using Google.
    I then switched to Safari and had no issues. Since Google is a gov backed platform I could not help but wonder if Sara's website is being blocked due to the possible curative info that is found there. In other words keep trying to access the site. Just food for thought
  27. Sophie
    Its reassuring to know that pancakes in France are made with buckwheat flour and usually have a good cheese in their filling! Enjoy avoiding our modern wheat!
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  29. Gentiann
    Buckwheat, unfortunatly, is not lowcarb....... I live in Britanny and I have to avoid the delicious galettes in order to stay keto.

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