The Magic Pill – How to make food your medicine – available today

The Magic Pill – a documentary exploring food as medicine – is available on demand today on demand. Check your local TV provider, iTunes, Amazon VOD and others.

What if most of our modern diseases are really just symptoms of the same problem? The Magic Pill follows doctors, patients, scientists, chefs, farmers and journalists from around the globe who are combating illness through a paradigm shift in eating. And this simple change – embracing fat as our main fuel – is showing profound promise in improving the health of people, animals and the planet.

You can watch the trailer above.

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  1. Birgit
    When will it be available for download or as dvd in Europe?
  2. 1 comment removed
  3. Birgit
    even in ITunes only available in the US
    Please consider that the readers of this page are NOT only living in the US.
    You are basically advertising something unavailable to the majority of people.
  4. Ted
    A bit harsh Birgit ..use a VPN!

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