“I no longer feel like I’m old enough to be a grandmother”

Before and after

Before and after

Do you have to suffer from aches and pains as you’re getting older?  Although this has become the norm, it’s not part of a natural aging process.

Here’s an email from Beth, who wanted to share her experiences with an LCHF diet:

The Email

Hello Dr. Eenfeldt,

I am not done with my LCHF journey, but wanted to share what I have experienced so far.

I am a 48 year old mother of two and also a grandmother. Several years ago I felt age taking it’s toll on me and I changed the way that I ate in pursuit of better health. I became a vegetarian. Still no better health. I became a low fat vegetarian. Still no better health. I became vegan. Again, still no better health. I even managed to do several months a raw vegan. I could no longer keep it up and gave up and just ate whatever I wanted. Several months later I got the not feeling right, which progressed to feeling sick. And I kept getting worse. So bad, in fact, that I had to leave work.

I felt exhausted, every bit of me ached, couldn’t think clearly, would get episodes where I felt like I had been steam-burned over my entire body, weak, difficulty walking or making co-ordinated movements, disoriented. I lost my cognitive abilities – I even had difficulty making complete sentences. A year of several doctors, many test and much money I had no answers for my issues, until I found someone who specialized in hormones. We didn’t know the cause, but we now know that my thyroid was barely working, my adrenals were over-working, I was iodine deficient, and had six neurotransmitters out of whack. We worked on getting those back in line with natural means. She had also recommended an LCHF diet because I had many symptoms of syndrome X (large waist circumference, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, high LDL, low HDL, and high fasting blood sugar) – but at the time I was too weak of body and mind to try, the other symptoms were more pressing.

It was a long road, but I recovered. I decided to return to school. One day I remembered her LCHF recommendation and decided to give it a try. I did well for about two months, then for reasons I can’t even remember now, I gave up. But I tried again, and boy, am I ever glad that I did.

I started at an embarrassing weight of 252 lbs, and a waist circumference of 42”. Eleven months on, and I now weigh 187 lbs, and my waist is 33.5”. My blood pressure is once again stellar, fasting blood sugar great, normal triglycerides, and enviable cholesterol levels. Also not a small thing, was the effect on my cognitive abilities. To those who say that your brain needs carbohydrates and you can’t think without them – I have maintained a 4.0 since returning to school and have recently been accepted to pharmacy school.

I look forward to the remainder of my life living this way. I’m never hungry. I get to enjoy the best food and eat at wonderful restaurants (mmm – steak w/ butter). I have energy. I have a sharp mind once again. I no longer feel like I’m old enough to be a grandmother.

Thank you for your blog and all it’s helpful, encouraging information.


Please feel free to share my information.

b-a side


Congratulations on your fantastic health and weight journey, Beth!


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  1. Brenda
    Beth, I am inspired! I have stumbled across this site a few weeks ago and have been reading some of these blogs from those like you that started LCHF weightloss. Especially you and those with under active thyroid since I am in similar situation you are/were in. I have a thyroid condition; was diagnosed a few short after having my son when I was thirty-something; now age 46. When I was pregnant with my son I lost weight with out trying. I started at size 18 and after giving birh I was a size 12, then it went down hill from there. I gain all my weight and then some. I too at 252lbs (size 20/22) at 5' 7". Even though I take my meds everyday I feel tired all day long. For me when its 8-9pm I get a little more pep/energy just to the point I dont feel sleepy any more, then I at times stay up at 11- midnight because I am not feeling tired and getting only 6 hours of sleep some evenings. I feel like I am on some not so fun rollercoaster ride.

    I have slowly been strarting this diet, I started to eliminate some carbs and most surger foods. I have not yet jumped in completely as I am still gathering all the information of LCHF weightloss program before I truley diven in. Got my husband on the same page and my 16 year old son will also will be following this plan. So when I hear stories of those that remind me of myslef it gives me hope for a healthy life..........thank for sharing.

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  2. Alain
    @Brenda and Beth

    I suggest you to buy the book "Wheat Belly" of Dr William Davis and the book "The Big Fat Surprise" of Nina Teicholz.

    Here the blog of Dr William Davis : http://www.wheatbellyblog.com/

  3. Francois
    Concerning the cognitive abilities aspect, contrary to what is said by most "experts", when given a choice, the brain will burn ketone bodies rather than glucose. Which explains why it is not necessary to give a ketogenic diet to someone suffering from Alzheimer's disease. A good source of ketone bodies (coconut oil is one of the best) is sufficient. As soon as there is enough circulating ketones, the brain will selectively burn these instead of glucose. So in the case of the Alzheimer's brain, that cannot process glucose, the brain basically wakes up and many people often times significantly improve with a good source of ketone bodies.

    I read that some chess players will actually eat a ketogenic diet before a big tournament because they have better mental clarity. There is no "essential" carb. The amount necessary for life is zero, as long as people have a source of protein and fat, thanks to gluconeogenesis and to the ability of the body to burn ketone bodies.

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  4. murray
    Francois, Dr. Colin Champ made a presentation (available on Youtube) in which he says the uptake of glucose by the brain is down-regulated once ketone concentration reaches 1 mmol/L.

    Petro Dobromylskyj at Hyperlipid has an interesting current post on fueling neurons.


    The neurons use lactate and ketones, not glucose, for fuel, in order to avoid apoptosis and loss of memory (as in Alzheimer's Disease). The astrocytes and oligodendrocytes can burn glucose to make lactate for the neurons. However, if there is hyperglycemia (such as the spiking blood sugar after eating a lot of mashed potatoes) the flood of glucose pervades into neurons, leading over time to neuron cell death and loss of memory. A Mayo clinic study found that those seniors in the study who had eaten the most carbohydrates had 3.6 times more signs of cognitive decline as the average and those that ate the most fat had 0.48 times the signs of cognitive decline as the average.

  5. Lisa Mongelli
    Hi there congratulations on your weight loss and thank you for sharing your story... It is very inspiring...

    Kindest Regards,

  6. Sheryl
    Very Inspiring. Keep up the good work and live! LCHF is truly the way to eat for optimal health. Add Dr Bernstein's book to your LCHF arsenal. Most of his info is free at http://www.diabetes-book.com and on his YouTube channel.
  7. Julie
    Reading your Letter is so inspirational! I am 47yo and I am fat, tired with aching joints, foggy brain and have just been diagnosed as Type 2. I love sweet things wrapped in pastry and chocolate. I have been given a wake up call - just like you!

    I am starting out on the lowcarb high fat program - last week was about stopping eating sugar and highly processed foods. This week I've reduced eating grains and starchy foods. Today I did the strangest supermarket shop EVER only going down a few isles. No biscuits, no bread, no pastries, sweets or pasta. Just meat and fish, green leafy vegetables and salad, cream (!) and cheese and yoghurt.

  8. Tanya
    Hi Beth,
    What happened to all the excess skin on your stomach, or did you not develope any.
  9. Edele
    Awesome Effort Beth! Keep up the great work!
  10. Karen
    We have so much in common, thank you for your story, Beth! I am starting once again on LCHF and I am going to make it stick this time. I am a little bit older and needed some help with hormones and thyroid but I have that now and must add back eating the way my body feels best. I hope that you have had continued success on your journey.
  11. Stacy
    What a great testimony to read today. I'm a 2x cancer survivor, Hypothyroid/Hashimoto's chronically ill patient ( so says my nurse team ) Dr. ordered a CT scan but of course my insurance declined it. I felt defeated and gave up on seeing all these doctors and cancelled all my appts. Don't worry they weren't urgent appts. lol
    I decided since I've been already some what on a low carb eating plan, I'd start this journey and go feet first.
    I'm tired of being in pain daily, tired all the time etc. I'm only 46 and have two amazing sons I want to see grow into awesome adults.
    My 14 yr old is also eating as I do and loves it, so this will be a breeze.
    Thank you for writing in and getting all of us motivated to be happy again.
  12. Tamarah
    Best wishes to you Beth ,, and congrats on your transformation to health . Blessings to you .
  13. Sandy
    Good for you! I am just starting out at the suggestion of my physician. I am a 53 year old woman, I topped out Last June at 236 pounds. I hated me so much for letting myself looks so horrible at my sons wedding, but there Is forever photographic evidence of it. I started with a personal trainer last July. She restricted sugars and concentrated sweets and even with working out 3-5 days a week and trying to not indulge in concentrated sweets I still have only managed a 15 pound loss in11 months, granted there have been lapses and ups and downs. Any way my doctor suggested I come to this site and thought This may work for me. It all makes perfect sense. I am even considering the intermittent fasting. But I can't seem to find enough creamy goodness and fats. Any suggestions for the newby?
  14. Denise
    Your story Beth is very inspiring!! I am two days into my LCHF journey . I am surprised that after only a couple days I am feeling better (the "fog" is clearing). I really enjoy the great recipes. Who would think that low carb bread tastes better then the store bought bread I was raised on. I'm hoping I will be submitting a success story in the near future. Thank you Beth for sharing your journey with us. Best Wishes To All.

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