Konvincing kids that kounting kalories is kooky

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How do you konvince kids (and adults) that kounting kalories is kooky? That there is a smarter way to get lean and stay lean? Perhaps by showing them this awesome talk by standup comedian Tom Naughton.

This year’s low-carb cruise just ended, and this is one of the best talks from last year’s cruise. It used to only be available to members, but now everyone can watch it.


  2:41   What’s a calorie?
  7:30  The Piggy Bank Theory
11:30  Fast or slow metabolism
15:13  Growing taller explained
17:50   The Get Fatter command
21:50  The conscious mind and your body
25:45  You can shrink the Piggy Bank


About: Video recorded in May 2015.
Camera, editing, music, animations: Simon Victor.
Interviewer: Andreas Eenfeldt.


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Tom Naughton’s Speech Science For Smart People

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  1. Valerie

    In the talk, Tom talks about a study where obese people were put on a 600-calorie diet and did not lose weight. Is there any chance we could get a reference?

    Thanks in advance,


  2. Marion
    I love Tom's talk, but I've already seen it several times here on diet dot com. Why is it in the 'news' section? Was something added? (have to watch it again, then)
  3. Luna
    germans love 'K' instead of C. Was the tittle on purpose like this?

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