Konvincing kids that kounting kalories is kooky

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How do you konvince kids (and adults) that kounting kalories is kooky? That there is a smarter way to get lean and stay lean? Perhaps by showing them this awesome talk by standup comedian Tom Naughton.

This year’s low-carb cruise just ended, and this is one of the best talks from last year’s cruise. It used to only be available to members, but now everyone can watch it.


  2:41   What’s a calorie?
  7:30  The Piggy Bank Theory
11:30  Fast or slow metabolism
15:13  Growing taller explained
17:50   The Get Fatter command
21:50  The conscious mind and your body
25:45  You can shrink the Piggy Bank


About: Video recorded in May 2015.
Camera, editing, music, animations: Simon Victor.
Interviewer: Andreas Eenfeldt.


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