How low carb are you?

How low carb are you

How low carb are you, ketogenic (under 20 g per day), moderate (20-50 g per day), or liberal (50-100 g per day)? We asked our members and received more than 7,200 replies.

Here are their answers:

  1. Ketogenic (55%)
  2. Moderate (35%)
  3. Liberal (7%)
  4. Other (3%)

There is no right or wrong answer here. Simply do what works best for you and your body.

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How low carb are you?

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  1. Julian Martino
    Almost zero carb
  2. Maggie
    We have been on LCHF diet for 16 months and had great results both with weight and with health issues reversing..we opted for medium Low Carb diet as opposed to Keto and it served us well...but over the last 2 months we started to slip to being liberal on our carbs...and the weight started to slip back we have taken stock...learned our lesson and have gone back to the medium low carb eating that served us so well ...thank you for this invaluable, informative site that helps us to understand what we need to eat and what we need to do if we start to slip. thank you xx
  3. Sandy Baars
    We try to keep it simple. No bread, pasta,rice, potatoes or any baked products. Try to keep tovery low carb veg. I’ve lost 40 kgs hubbie come off all diabetic meds.
  4. Jeff
    I was low carb to lose some weight but now I am bulking so I have 100g minimum per day
  5. Christie A
    I'm a moderate. I approach my macronutrients without netting out carbs, so I have a surprise surplus each week. I went from calorie counting to LCHP when I plateaued for 2 months straight. It definitely kicked my weight loss into gear almost immediately. I'm down 33 lbs, with 28 left to go!
  6. Robert
    Six days in so far, and holding at about 19-20g carbs, 75-90g protein and about 60-75g fat. I am past the energy slump so things are going along fine.

    I am having trouble getting enough fat and protein with a vegetarian diet, but have been getting close to where I want to be. I am working on getting a couple of fat-bomb recipes done this week so I can bump the numbers up - is there such thing as a vegetarian protein-bomb?

    I am likely going to go off of this over the holidays, or at least raise my limits, as that will make life extremely difficult, but I will still be observant of my numbers. I have lost about 4 kg so far, but this early it's probably mostly water, even though I drink about 4 liters a day.

  7. William Domer
    Lost 50lbs so far,on a strict low carb.Now I work between low and a medium carb diet, I have had a steady weight loss every week since I started.My doctor is amazed about how this is working for me,she is thinking maybe I can get off blood pressure and cholesterol meds soon,it's unbelievable how much my cholesterol dropped since I started.I feel GREAT!
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  9. KG
    Cutting out certain carbs alone won't do it @F Bruno, you need to cut out sugary foods, as well as cereal/grainy foods and really cut back on any processed foods.
  10. Azzum Waqar
    You might be consuming a lot of calories. You need to be in deficit in calories too.
  11. Dolores Sperando
    After the free month membership, can I cancel. ? I did low carbs ( 20 g or less a day) drank 7 to 8...14oz. each glasses of water per day. Walked and did this 3 months and had 0 weight loss.
    Replies: #25, #30
  12. James
    Dolores. Like you I am new to the forum, but I wanted to comment on your problem. You certainly aren’t entering Ketosis or you would be dropping fluid and fat. Calaries do count and so do the protein grams. If you have too high of a dietary Calorie intake, body will never need to tap it’s reserves. Also eating too many proteins will allow your body to convert protein to carbohydrates. Keto diet is more than just low carb. It sets your body up so it must burn fat.
  13. Joe Kelley
    80 lbs down in 6 months using Keto. 290 down to 210. I did not incorporate the high fat part and I continued riding my bicycle.
    Replies: #21, #27
  14. Navdeep Dhillon
    So, how did you get into keto without upping your fat intake?
    Reply: #15
  15. Rene Erhardt
    Using your body stores. If you are overweight you have have plenty of 'reserves' - you don't need to add fat to the diet.
  16. Vanessa Kay
    I’m having trouble entering into ketosis. I now monitor my carbs (under 20 a day) watching calories intake (1700 for my body type, activity, and weight) and I drink 128oz of water a day. I have lost over 10 pounds in the 4wks I’ve started but I don’t feel like my body is in ketosis. Any ideas?
    Reply: #37
  17. Berry
    Vanessa, I've been doing keto since August 10th and it took me almost 3 days of fasting just to see a trace of ketones. Perhaps your body is similar and it just takes more time and effort. Be patient with yourself. You will be fine. Press On.
  18. Donna
    I stay in the 30-50 carb range I think if I went lower it would be too hard I have problems with low blood sugars never high ones ... But I've lost 10 plus pounds in under 3 weeks even tho I'm certain I haven't hit ketosis yet ... It's a difficult diet to follow for me and I struggle with it but I keep trying
  19. Debbie Harshbarger
    I am a diabetic I eat between 107-117 carbs a day I do not eat anything with sugar only veggies and low carb yogurts I have lost 70pounds on my low carb and new Insulin Pump feel wonderful.
  20. Les
    Don’t chase ketones...there is more science to account for, I.e. mitochondria. I have lost 25 lbs by keeping my carbs to as close to zero as I can and incorporate fasting workouts throughout the week.
    Please give me some example of your food intake, HELP!
    Reply: #24
  22. Juanita
    What are some low carb vegetables?
    Reply: #23
  23. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    What are some low carb vegetables?

    Check out our awesome veggie guide!

  24. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    Please give me some example of your food intake, HELP!

    Janice, if you're struggling with how to get started, check out our beginner's guide, including a free two week challenge where we will email you inspiration and meal plans!

  25. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    After the free month membership, can I cancel. ? I did low carbs ( 20 g or less a day) drank 7 to 8...14oz. each glasses of water per day. Walked and did this 3 months and had 0 weight loss.

    Dolores, you can cancel your account through your account page. Before you do that, have a look at this article which may help with troubleshooting.

  26. Linda Labrecque
    First of all everyone has a different metabolism. Depending on how much you eat, watch you amount of sugar, and walk for excercise this depends on your calorie intake. I have been moderately keto for a year but I do not totally leave out carbs because I feel like my body needs it. I have lost 40 lbs and kept it off. This matters now I will keep on eating healthy choices and no fast food and I cheat once a week. I need to lose 75 lbs and no matter how hard it is I will lose it slowly and keep it off this week. One incentive is keep a pair of pants in your closet that is smaller and keep on working on it and you will fit in it. Good luck!
  27. Pam Dar
    Joe Kelly,
    I agree with you. I do low carb (less than 25 grams per day) and NOT the high fat part...My body has PLENTY of its own FAT to burn! My cardiologist said if per son is diabeticand has hert failure then all that extra oil/fat is not recommended. I do low carb vegetarian. It works for me.
  28. Elsie
    I weigh 125 lbs with a 4' 10" height before I started in a Keto diet (around 5 months ago). My weight now runs between 115 lbs to 117 lbs depending on how many carbs I ate in a week. I do low carb with only keto bread, eggs and bacon alternately for breakfast and more vegetables (spinach, green peppers, cucumbers and small amount of carrots) and one or two slices of meat (lunch and dinner). I do maintain less than 20 or 25 grams of carb per day. I do exercise 2 to 3 times a week because I feel like exercise is also important aside from keto diet. In this Christmas season, I can't help but eat a little bit of sweets every now and then but I still make sure I don't overdo it.
  29. Lisa Ann A H
    Was low carb for years, it was ok, but went 2:1 keto and 16-18 hour overnight IF daily....and WOW!! Feel amazing.
  30. Allison
    Hi Dolores,

    No sure how you are doing keto - we are all so individual. And trust me, I completely understand. I plateaued for a few months after a great start, but now things are rolling.

    Few things that helped me (now moving - just weighed in at 32lbs gone!!):

    1. Intermittent fasting - no IF, no weight loss for me. My body holds onto everything it has for dear life! Any time I break my fast, I can see it on the scale the next day (and yes, I weigh myself daily - I find it motivating despite knowing that I benefit from white adipose tissue turning to brown adipose tissue which will reflect a smaller size without any actual weight loss.) I eat my first meal any time I'm hungry after 11:30am, and dinner within 6 hours of that.

    2. Personally, I found that I eat a lot less veg. than most on Keto. I have a spinach omelet with cheddar cheese and sided with sour cream and guac. every morning, but dinner, I tend to default to just a protein and guac or maybe a small 6 of asparagus (usually not) for dinner.

    3. IMHO, gluconeogenesis (conversion of protein to glucose) is something that is focused on a little too much. You would need to eat a lot of protein before I would be come to overly concerned. Each day, our bodies go through this process a little because it needs to. Parts of our brains function only on glucose and can't use ketones. You could eat up to 150grams of protein in one sitting with only a negligible impact on your blood sugar. So, are you eating enough protein to be satisfied?

    4. Adding fats. Are you drinking bulletproof style coffees or adding fat anywhere? If you are, I would stop and see what happens. You should be able to get enough natural fat through your meat or whatever you are adding to your veg to keep you satiated. But your body needs to burn what you add before it can start working on your fat sources.

    5. Water. Most people are clean keto. I understand that, I try to be careful too. But do I still enjoy coke zero or diet root beer, yup! Because I don't vary my meals a lot, I find this helps with cravings. I tried Zevia pops, but can't seem to get into them.

    6. And lastly, fat bombs, nut flours and perhaps even dairy - all of these can potentially stall you right out! If you can manage it, cut them out. It took my a while and a lot of pop for a few days (LOL), but I now only eat lunch and dinner. I don't eat otherwise and I started to move. I still eat cheese, but no fat bombs and no flours.

    Hope this helps!!

  31. Ken
    Moderate - 177g fat; 106g protein; 35g net carbs (on average)
  32. Dianne
    Less than 20 carbs s day:)
  33. sonali bhandari
    I'am indian and our diets are typically curries , veges with rice / flat bread. what can i use as a substitute for rice ? millets ??
    no one else in my family wants to go keto / low carb so its really difficult to cook / shop for so many different foods . thanks
    Reply: #36
  34. sonali bhandari
    what sweetners are allowed on a keto/low card diet or none AT ALL ??
    jaggrery r raw honey ?
    Reply: #35
  35. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    Here is our visual guide to sweeteners.
  36. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    Some people use riced cauliflower, or we have a naan recipe here -

    You may also be interested in following some of Sahil Makhija's recipes.

  37. DeAsiajah
    Hi vanessa.. you can use ketones test strips to test whether your body is producing ketones via urine. You can find these at a drugstore or your local market.
  38. Linda
    I am not sure what I am but I am losing weight and my sugar number are FANTASTIC!! I am so excited to go to my doctor in October to have my A1c drawn and see how much I have lost by then. I am feeling great too.

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