How people with diabetes are kept sick in the hospital


This is disgraceful. It’s how people with type 2 diabetes are kept sick in the hospital. Here’s an e-mail from Mariane:

Hi Andreas,
I live in Calgary, Canada and have been a member of Diet Doctor for since the beginning. I just want to show you what my recently diagnosed with diabetes father in law gets fed in the hospital.

Banana, cookie, crackers, fruit cup, pudding, bread, chilli and Ensure. This was lunch. I am totally shocked! All the dietician keeps saying is watch the fat. Omg! Glucerna (diabetic Ensure) has 25g of sugar instead of 35g in the regular Ensure. They are killing us!

This is why diabetes type 2 is considered to be an incurable, progressive disease. It’s because the usual care makes it worse, covering the problem up as best we can with more and more drugs.

Reversal of diabetes type 2 is very possible. But it requires not eating hospital food and not following insane high-carb diet advice from dieticians.


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