Grass-fed beef: the most ‘vegan’ food in the supermarket


We all know that we don’t live in a black-and-white world, yet we often present certain issues in an over-simplified way. However, if we don’t take a holistic stance on topics, we risk creating misguided paradigms that do more harm than good. One such example is the vegan diet, which we generally deem both morally superior and more sustainable compared to a diet with meat.

But are we necessarily doing the environment a favor by switching to a vegan diet? What if these plant foods come from monoculture crops that destroy biodiversity and cause excessive soil erosion? Would a better option be to switch to grass-fed beef in that case?

Here’s a thought-provoking article, which brings a nuanced perspective to the whole debate:

Sadly, in the practice of agriculture it is impossible to not cause endless suffering to many living creatures. One could argue that the most suffering of all is caused by annual agriculture, the cultivation of vegetables, including grains, beans, and rice, that only take one year to grow from seed to food. We displace countless wild animals from their homes and lands when we cultivate annual crops. Not only that, we also kill thousands of creatures when we till the soil.

A perennial agriculture, on the other hand, based on trees, shrubs, and livestock, allows nature to thrive.

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  1. Tyler
    Animal agriculture takes up more land than plant agriculture, and displaces more wild animals. Growing plants is still better for animals than grass fed beef, even if you don't count the lives of the cows.
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  2. Brandon
    Grass-fed beef is not sustainable for 8 billion people. Sure, it is more environmentally friendly than regular beef, but it is not a sustainable option. The best way to save this planet is to reduce the amount of meat consumed, it takes 10 pounds of grain to create 1 pound of meat
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  3. Joy
    Being vegan is a healthy choice.
    Animal fats can cause health issues. Grass fed may be better, but many farm raised for consumption contain antibiotics and steroids, etc.
    Everyone has a choice to eat as they wish, it's our individual decision. You have yours, I have mine. I won't try to convince you, you can't convince me.
  4. Randy
    Stabbing a cow to death isn't friendly.
  5. Fallon
    Wow. I love to see that vegans are here on! Welcome, please take this opportunity to review the information available and take what you please from it. The world is comprised of all different views and it is great to be able to appreciate each other with kindness and open hearts.
  6. Cynthia Lisa Self
    All l could think of while reading this article was why this sadly informed doctor was put on the veganism section of my phone.
  7. Mary
    Don't worry. They're slowly killing the population with vaccines and drugs. They're making it so no matter your belief you will be vaccined and injected with pork, beef, monkey and fetal cells they grow it in. Oh and don't forget tge mercury, aluminum & formaldehyde. Which will cause you to get on the pharmaceuticals. They make money and reduce the population. Yes.. I was slowly getting poisoned after i developed RA. Now staying away from all of the doctors. Vegan and trying to heal my gut/immune system. Trying to get rid of the junk injected in me. Too bad i got the flu, tetnus and hepatitis vaccine which made my body turn in itself.
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  8. Rudy Miller
    nobody's the same everybody's different what works for one person may not work for another I have given up meat almost a year ago and the results are amazing I cannot believe how good I feel so therefore I have chosen to not eat meat I have nothing against anybody that does eat meat I can cook a rib-eye right along with the best but I feel better and that's the most important part. This does not mean I will never eat meat again it just means I'm not eating it now because I like the results nobody's right nobody's wrong it's what works for
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  9. Alan
    I went 99% carnivore last year and I gave up vegetables! I have a great local butchers where I can get grass fed, fully meadowed beef and lamb. I've honestly never felt better and I eat on average about 1lb (500g) of one or the other, once a day usually around 11am. After that, I don't want for anything until the next day and I often just skip a day or two and feel great from fasting. It's cost effective, time effective, healthful and I feel I eat far less than most people as a result of eating quality food. I've also never been in better shape in my life.

    I'm sure there are health truths to both sides of being either vegan or carnivore, with the main difference being it's not the typical SAD diet that most people eat; that seems to be what makes people ill with the combination of fats with carbs. I think each to their own and do whatever works for you, but I see a lot of old statistics quoted that are somewhat meaningless in relation to grass fed animals. There's a lot to be said for grass fed ruminants being environmentally friendly when you take into account they can graze on land where crops can't be grown for instance. They also don't destroy the land in the way that large fields of grains do where they are sprayed with masses of insecticides and so on. Comparing grass fed vs. industry farmed (grain fed) is akin to apples and pears. Growing fields of wheat for cows isn't good; they should be eating grass!

    I'm no expert of course, but I think Peter Ballerstedt (@GrassBased) has some interesting counter opinions at least worth hearing and comparing!

  10. Andy
    And the very crops that are mentioned in this article that are grown like this are to feed the animals we're breeding in to existence to eat. Silly article.
  11. Thomas
    This is literally some of the most absurb unfactual trash I have yet to read. There is nothing vegan about eating an animal. Grass fed or not 1. 2) there is more than enough science to support a plant based diet being the foundation to a better environment. Whoever wrote this article is either getting paid by government subsidized shareholders or is a complete and utter moron who hasn't taken the time to educate themselves about the reality of our current times.
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  13. Tommy
    A two paragraph article with a quote at the end... Great work. Try and do at least a little research next time. Your information is wrong.
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  14. Olive
    let me go on record stating this is probably the dumbest thing I've read, both the article and the click bait lede.
  15. Isaac
    This is really just an introduction to the longer article over at Medium which is linked to at the end. Worth a read actually.
  16. Bessy
    But we have an aging population. People are living into their 100's. All because of vaccines and medical intervention.
    People used to die from infectious diseases, such as the flu. Unfortunately now, we live a lifestyle that allows for non infectious diseases to kill us, which of course progress much slower, such as diabetes and heart disease. People are not as active, they eat too much junk food, and live in environments that have a cocktail of pollutants...
    I am guilty of living like this and there are somethings we just cannot avoid but I am actively trying to improve the parts of my life that I can change, such as losing weight from activity and a ketogenic diet.
  17. Zach Doherty
    Not sure the point is clear. Cows shouldn’t be eating grain, they should be eating grass.
  18. Don
    Ya, let’s keep stuffing people full of corn and grains to kill them!
  19. Don
    Ya, tens of thousands of acres to groy soy, corn and wheat to make people sick. Good plan!
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  20. Lol
    And it takes 0 grain to raise grass fed beef your main point is moot
  21. Mcvay
    Ya people think corn is healthy. Hilarious. Wheat is even unhealthier and soy is unhealthy for women and should never be eaten by men
  22. Mcvay
    Umm ya grain fed beef is the issue. Not grass fed
  23. Mcvay
    You should look into eating meat. The reason you feel better is because you are most like eating a lot more vegetables than you used to. There is a balance. Cut out bread, don’t eat a lot of fruit(it’s not healthy), keep up with the amount of vegetables you are eating, don’t eat soy or liguems. Dairy is not healthy. You will feel good for a little completely cutting out meat due to all the processed crap you end up cutting out when you do. The best diet is high in vegetables and GRASS FED beef. Most vegetarians feel better because they cut out CORN FED beef which is not healthy.
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  25. Mcvay
    Grass fed beef displaces 0 animals

    Animal agriculture takes up more land than plant agriculture, and displaces more wild animals. Growing plants is still better for animals than grass fed beef, even if you don't count the lives of the cows.

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