Diet Doctor Podcast #69 — The importance of protein

Protein may be the most important nutrient for health and weight loss. Yet protein is often overshadowed by a focus on carbs and fat.

Why should you eat more protein? How do you know if you are eating enough protein? And what are the best tips to safely increase how much protein you eat?

In this episode, we discuss these questions and more with three Diet Doctor experts — our founder and CEO Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, and our senior writers and registered dietitians Adele Hite and Franziska Spritzler.

After listening to this episode, you’ll be prepared to improve weight loss and your metabolic health by making sure you eat the right amount of protein for you.

Thanks for reading,
Bret Scher, MD FACC

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Table of contents

00:00  Introduction to the protein podcast
01:28  Introduction to Adele Hite, PhD, RD
02:26  The role of protein on a well formulated keto diet
04:23  RDA and adequate protein intake
08:28  The role of fat (and the pitfalls) on a low-carb high-fat diet
16:31  The concern of eating too much protein
19:29  The concept of optimal ketosis
25:54  Introduction to Franziska Spritzler, RD
26:19  Satiety according to Franziska
30:21  Protein and fat percentages, according to Franziska
34:06  The struggle of increasing the protein intake
37:38  The role of whey protein powder
41:10  Different protein percentages in different foods
47:36  Introduction to Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt
48:37  Higher protein on
51:46  First order principle of why we eat
57:01  Role of protein in healthy weight loss
1:00:04 Concerns of too much protein for longevity
1:09:06 Andreas’ experience on a higher protein diet
1:12:59 The broadening of Diet Doctor
1:21:33 Conclusion

About the video

Virtual podcast recorded in March 2021, published in April 2021.
Host: Dr. Bret Scher
Producer: Hari Dewang

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