Diet Doctor Podcast #58 — Dr. Jeremiah Eisenschenk

It took him more than 30 years, but Dr. Jeremiah Eisenschenk was able to transform his lifestyle to lose weight an improve his health. Now he’s helping his patients do the same and is spreading the message throughout his community.

As an obesity medicine and family medicine specialist in rural Minnesota, Dr. Eisenschenk has personal experiences that help him connect with his patients and guide them on their path to health. He practices what he preaches, intensifying his passion and efficacy when helping others.

Despite Dr. Eisenschenk’s medical school training, he needed to be proactive and educate himself to complete his own health journey. He’s now poised as one of the leaders promoting the importance of metabolic health and how to achieve it.

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Bret Scher, MD FACC

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Table of contents

  1:25  Welcome, Dr. Eisenschenk
  2:56  Dr. Eisenschenk’s medical career
  6:20  Patient’s experience during the COVID-19 pandemic
  7:55  Treating metabolic diseases and obesity
10:30  Jeremiah’s personal experience in changing the diet
15:05  Real food and the connection to nature
17:55  Self-sustainable during winter
19:30  Working with the Maasai tribe in Tanzania
24:10  Transformation from high carb foods to a low-carb diet
28:10  Challenges and opportunities living in a rural area
31:31  Being a doctor for kids and adults
32:06  Metabolic diseases among adolescence
36:40  Things Jeremiah did during the transition phase
39:09  What’s next on the journey?
42:30  Where to find Dr. Jeremiah Eisenschenk

About the video

Virtual podcast recorded in September 2020, published in November 2020.
Host: Dr. Bret Scher
Producer: Hari Dewang

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