Diet Doctor Podcast #52 — Diana Rodgers, RD

We hear the question all too often. Would the world be better off without meat? Whether it’s our health, the environment, or ethical concerns, many are committed to eliminating meat production. But in truth, these arguments don’t hold up under scrutiny.

As Diana Rodgers points out, there’s a better way to think about it. We need animals. We need meat. But we can do it better. What if there was a way to raise livestock that reduced greenhouse gases? Or a system that improved soil quality and decreased outside inputs?

It turns out, there is.

Enter “regenerative agriculture.”

Diana and her co-author, Robb Wolf, just released their book, Sacred Cow. She will release a documentary under the same title soon. In both the book and the film, she describes how regenerative agriculture is the key to sustainable farming, how it is ethical, and how it can save our health as well.

It’s an important message we all need to hear.

Thanks for reading,
Bret Scher, MD FACC

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Table of contents

  2:07  Welcome, Diana Rodgers
  2:30  What made Diana write her book “Sacred Cow”
  8:22  Regenerative agriculture and its environmental benefit
11:41  How can farmers switch to regenerative cycle?
14:22  “Meat is a healthy food, period”
17:50  RCT: kids who eat meats vs kids who don’t
19:20  “We don’t need meat, we can live without it”
22:00  No meat in the Food Stamps program
33:40  Poor food system and small scale regenerative agriculture
37:05  Only eat plants and rewild all the countryside is a fantasy
40:04  Diana advice’s for new home-gardeners
44:30  Challenges of regenerative agriculture
49:00  When will Diana’s book and documentary available?
51:00  How Diana stays neutral in the making of the film?
54:08  Thank you, Diana Rodgers

About the video

Virtual podcast recorded in June 2020 and published in August 2020.
Podcast host: Dr. Bret Scher
Managing producer: Hari Dewang
Editing: Hard Day Production

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