Diet Doctor podcast #50 — Lucia Aronica

Science is not always what it seems. And scientists don’t always act the way they “should.” In this episode with Professor Lucia Aronica, we learn a lot about both these statements.

We dissect the DIETFITS study, the largest study ever undertaken in personalized nutrition on low carb vs. low fat diets under the direction of Stanford Professor Christopher Gardner, PhD.

When DIETFITS was published it, was promoted as a “negative” study in that it showed healthy low-carb and healthy low-fat diets equally effective for weight loss, and found no correlation between an individual’s baseline insulin secretion and their likelihood of weight loss success on either diet.

Lucia and I examine why the DIETFITS results may not be so negative after all. We also cover a variety of fascinating topics: the role of genetics and epigenetics in weight loss, societal gender stereotypes and how they can influence trial outcomes, how fasting is similar to ketosis, and even how scientists can and should behave more like children.

I hope you enjoy this discussion of both the art and science of improving our understanding of nutrition.

Thanks for reading,
Bret Scher, MD FACC

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Table of contents

  1:32 Welcome, Lucia Aronica
  1:50 Lucia’s professional journey
  3:30 Lucia’s personal experience with low carb
  8:00 Epigenetic and food for health
11:40  Is epigenetic study a new subject?
12:35  Lucia’s perspective on the DIETFITS study
18:35  Nutrition projects
23:35  About research on genes
29:03  Gene profile: what can I change to help myself?
30:00  Low-carb sheet according to gender
33:05  Keto and FMD course at Stanford
39:30  MToR and AmPK results on keto and fasting
41:22  Stem cell results in fasting and ketogenic diet
44:40  Challenge on the nutritional intervention study
46:22  Recognizing personal bias
49:35  Lucia’s philosophy to improve ourselves
52:25  Where to find Lucia Aronica

About the video

Virtual podcast recorded in June 2020, published in July 2020.
Podcast host: Dr. Bret Scher
Managing producer: Hari Dewang
Editing: Hard Day Production

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