Diet Doctor podcast #49 — Dr. Tro Kalayjian

Few people have taken a personal and professional journey as remarkable as Dr. Tro’s.

He’s lost over 150 pounds (68 kilos), a personal experience that transformed his medical practice. Since then, he’s helped thousands of people through his practice, his podcast, and his social media presence.

Yet, he’s called a “zealot” and regularly endures strong criticism over social media. And he engages that criticism head on with a fervor that seems at odds with his easy-going personality.

In this interview, we explore why that is. We see how, at his core, his mission is to help and defend his patients.

We discuss calories in/calories out, the carbohydrate-insulin model, food addiction, and many practical aspects of how and why low-carb works for him and his patients. We also explore the limitations of our knowledge and what does or does not make him a low-carb zealot.

This is an engaging interview with a wonderful mix of personal journey, scientific exploration, and practical tips for everyone. You may see a side of Dr. Tro that you haven’t seen before!

Thanks for reading,
Bret Scher, MD FACC

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Table of contents

  2:08 Welcome, Dr. Tro
  2:30 Dr. Tro’s personal journey of weight loss
  4:37 Dr. Tro’s perception on a low carb diet
  6:35 Conventional advice from various conferences
10:01  People criticise the low carb community
11:39  Dr. Tro’s approach to losing half of his body weight
12:54  Concerns on weight loss vs health
15:57  Does carbohydrate-insulin model matter?
19:59  Thoughts on adherence on a low-fat diet
21:21  Addressing behavioural aspect of diets
25:55  Emotional eating on patients during the pandemic
28:17  Is there a role for “cheat meal”?
35:29  Getting to know Dr. Tro as a physician
40:33  What is a keto zealot?
42:26  Fighting our biases to evaluate subjectively
45:03  Keto: losing weight by eating more fat?
46:33  Small population of people might not find keto useful
50:13  Dr. Tro’s perspective as a podcast co-host
55:11  Dr. Tro’s core motives to help patients
1:00:30 Where to find Dr. Tro

About the video

Virtual podcast recorded in May 2020, published in June 2020.
Podcast host: Dr. Bret Scher
Managing producer: Hari Dewang
Editing: Hard Day Production

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