Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution – brilliant short video

Have you heard of the classic book Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution? If you have diabetes, especially type 1 diabetes, I recommend this fantastic short video for a much faster way to understand what it’s about.

The book is 500+ pages and the video less than ten minutes…


How to Cure Diabetes



A Child with Type 1 Diabetes Successfully Treated with the Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet

“I Still Have 30 Pounds to Lose, But I’ve Already Won”

Sugar May Increase the Risk of Type ONE Diabetes Too

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  1. Eric
    Doctor Richard K Bernsteins work is the SOLUTION.
    His books should be read by type 1 and Type 2 diabetics, physicians, and any one with an interest in healthy eating.

    The key insight is self management.

    Measure and adjust if and when needed.

    Although he does not include an intermittent fasting protocol like doctor Jason Fung or Kristi Varada I have found the approaches compliment each other.

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