Low carb – a revolutionary treatment of type 1 diabetes

Can you dramatically improve blood-sugar control in type 1 diabetes through a diet change? Yes, absolutely.

Here’s an excerpt from my interview with Hanna Boëthius, who’s had type 1 diabetes since she was 2 years old. Four years ago she dramatically decreased her carbs and this revolutionized her life. Now she’s helping other diabetics to make the same change.

The entire 13-minute long interview is available on the membership pages  (free trial one month). She tells us about her journey, her experiences of helping others with type 1, and what her doctor says about her dramatic life change.

A Revolutionary Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes (full interview)


Hanna Boëthius’ website

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  1. Mari le Roux
    Would love to know more...
  2. Nate
    In April 2004, I read Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution while on vacation. I immediately started eating his recommended very low carb diet. I cut my insulin doses in half from about 36 to 18 units per day. The next day my frozen shoulders, which could cause me to cry with pain while putting on a T-shirt, had thawed. And I no longer had trigger fingers. I was so excited I skipped flat stones on the lake until my arms were about to fall off. (BTW, my 50th anniversary of being diagnosed as T1 will be in two days.)

    After a few months, my weight had dropped by 30 pounds and my A1c had gone from about 7.2 to 5.7. Unfortunately, I'm still blind in the left eye from my doctor's bad advice and my gastroparesis still gives me fits though I can't complain about a 5.7 A1c average. Also, the rage I feel inside about these morons that get paid large amounts of money to give bad advice is hard to control though I'm getting better at that too.

    I heard a similar rage while listening to some of Dr. Atkins discussions with these.... I sympathize with his lack of patience. Also, Dr. Fung showed a little of that frustration in his talks while in South Africa. Anger is like inflammation, a necessary evil that needs to be tightly controlled but not totally eliminated. My last anger flareup was watching the movie Fed Up. It broke my heart to see those kids get damaged by bad advice. Thanks for letting me vent.

  3. Nate
    Hey, Dr. Eenfeldt, could you get an interview with Katie Couric? She still has some star power here in the USA and could attract a lot of people to your great website.
  4. E Dickey
    How do you chose what fasting to use for insulin resistance?

    Do you still take insulin?

    Thank you
    Mr Dickey

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