1. Eddie Mitchell
    The very best to Anne-Charlotte a stunning turn around and very well done. So often we see what can be achieved with the right diet. When will the naysayers and health authorities wise up? This ain't no rocket science. Eat whole fresh food and drop the highly processed factory produced junk.
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  2. Vicente
    That's an amazing change.

    Congratulations, Anne-Charlotte

  3. Holly
    You look awesome! Congrats
  4. Darren
    That's something to be proud of - what an amazing looking woman compared to the left hand side!
  5. Linda
    You look incredibly beautiful. Good job. I am on my way with lchf, too. This is my 2nd week. I truly hope I have amazing results in 4 months, as well.
  6. Tina
    Hi. I,am glad that you have achieved your goal. Can you please tell were you able to keep firm on this diet and how did you a hive this . Thank you for listening.
  7. Razmig
    Congratulations you look fabulous!
  8. Juliana
    Congratulations on your success, You look look phenomenal!!!!
  9. neema lyimo
    Congratulations ,u look good
  10. Jessica
    Beautiful and inspiring
  11. Sandy
    Wow you look great!! I am trying the diet Monday. I would love to hear what you ate at your 3 meals. I am desperate to lose weight. I need all the help i can get. Thank you!!!
  12. BERNIE
    WHAT A COMPLETE MAKEOVER.CONGRATULATIONS YOU LOOK AMAZING. 1 week into this LCHF eating plan so Please forward all ideas that can assist us to achieve these great results.
  13. Berthe
    I am fat acctually in weight but also diabetic type 2 high blood sugar and every time i do diet but the yo yo diet up and down by weight and i knew that was not good please i need helllllllp!!!!
  14. Amanda
    "Eat whole fresh food and drop the highly processed factory produced junk" But you can do that without going LCHF. They aren't the same thing.

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