Averaged female faces across Europe

Female Faces

Here’s a cool slide that was shown during the Ancestral Health Symposium. It’s the average of many female faces from different countries in Europe.

As you can see an average face tends to be beautiful, in every country. But that’s not the point that this slide was supposed to make. This is evolution at work.

All these women have common ancestors, but a few thousand years of semi-isolation has led to a divergence of their genetic averages. Continuing isolation would eventually lead to these people diverging into different species of humans. I guess that would take hundreds of thousands of years of isolation though. Not likely to ever happen.

Another piece of information from the conference: Only 14% of the American population completely believes in evolution. If you happen to belong to the other 86%, then feel free to make up another story about the faces.


Do you want to see average female faces from across the world? Here’s a bigger and better-quality picture.

Update august 19

WOW! A huge number of people are reading this post as it just went viral on Reddit. I decided to do an update.

If the women at the top demonstrate the difference after a few thousand years of divergence, what would happen after tens of thousands of years?


Average female faces across the world

Tens of Thousands of Years of Evolution

This is the result of roughly 40,000 years of evolution in semi-isolation.

What kind of difference can result from millions of years of genetic divergence? Here’s an example:

Distant cousins


This is a chimpanzee and a human – distant relatives. Our last common ancestors lived around 5 million years ago, maybe somewhat more.

How will humans evolve in the next five million years? Nobody knows.


Do you want great teeth? Eat Paleo

Ancestral health, obesity and smurfs

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  1. David Ferguson
    Anyway, about the faces.............
  2. bill
    Yeah. Like I said: Therr purty
  3. Shel
    Science is fantastic, it created our iPhone's and they're amazing. God created the heavens, billions of stars, planets and galaxies just because he can and to show us how great he is. The atheist doesn't know why we are here and has no hope. What is the point of you being here on this beautiful planet that was created for you ?
    Reply: #116
  4. Laura
    This is interesting. How does averaging faces work please? Do you shoot so many people and interpose images? It would be great to have an explanation. Cheers
    Reply: #105
  5. FrankG
    Hi Laura, best I could find was this website by the artist who I think is responsible for these images... http://faceoftomorrow.org/

    Bearing in mind it is an art project so it may not be strictly scientific.. as some have already pointed out there may be some selection bias.

    I don't readily see an explanation at that site as to how these images were made -- I know there is software that can morph one image into another (there was a Michael Jackson Music Video that used this technique as I recall) so it may be some kind of digital composite that averages out the most common features of multiple samples images, or it may also be some form of digital multiple exposure: where each image occupies the same space but is partially transparent; so effectively you see all of them at once.

    Reply: #106
  6. Francois
    As a token on how wonderful religions are, I discovered on the site Frank is referring to that there were no female faces in Istanbul and Damascus. Because the Kuran teaches that the female is the property of her husband and cannot show her face, except for her husband. We are unfortunately going to get fundamentalist islamic preachers in Montreal, Canada, invited to speak by a group of "young progressive moslems". These preachers are known in Europe for the following opinions, out of the Kuran: a woman is the property of her husband. Not to wear a veil is worse than having aids. A woman should never look at any man (no eye contact) and walk close to the walls of buildings because she is inferior. She should dress as ugly as possible because othewise, as men are predators, she will be raped (a "progressive" Imam said the same thing in Australia, comparing women to raw meat and men to cats who were desperate to eat.

    And Frank, thanks for the proof of unicorns: very enlightening. Let me also share something out of the bible: it gives proof of the existence of talking donkeys (at least one).

  7. Nan
    14%! Where dies this number come from? I don't believe it. Granted my life has been in the ivory tower, butI know few people who don't accept evolution though I now live in a rural area.
    Reply: #108
  8. FrankG
    For example -- and always accepting the limitations of any opinion poll -- this Gallup survey from May 2012 offered three scenarios:

    1 -- Humans evolved over millions of years, from simpler life forms, with God guiding

    2 -- Humans evolved but God had no part in the process


    3 -- God created humans in present form within the last 10,000 years

    32% selected option 1, 15% option 2, 46% option 3 and 7% had no opinion.


    It does seem unbelievable that this level of ignorance exists and actually seems to have grown in recent decades not just in the USA but also the UK -- I also note that this lunatic brand of evangelical christianity is spreading to developing nations.

    As an earlier commenter noted Nan, your experience may be a case of where you live in the USA.

  9. FrankG
    I find it very telling that Gallup even included the option "Humans evolved over millions of years, from simpler life forms, with God guiding". This would have been unthinkable probably even a few decades ago. Not so very far back it would have been heresy and punishable by burning at the stake...

    Religion and Science are mutually corrosive -- it seem to me: the more Science is able to explain the Universe around and within us, the less need we have to seek out some magical, supernatural explanation.

  10. Elisa
    I got one word: WOW. I enjoyed every little detail about this post.
  11. Anon
    Ahem, er, sorry but it is not ok to disagree on something that actually exists...
  12. Guest
    I agree with Robert. There are people out there who believe they are intellectual beings who are tolerant of others but they won't hesitate to insult those who do not share the same ideas as them.

    And to those who are here to disprove evolution... why are you even here? To cause arguments?

    Arguing will result in nothing. Whether anyone else believes that they came from monkeys or an all powerful God created them from scratch, it doesn't affect YOU so there is no point trying to change their mind. So why don't we all stop trying to change each other and let people live their lives eh?

    This obesity epidemic started when people thought they should preach what to eat to other people. Let's be a part of the solution, not the problem.

    Replies: #113, #114
  13. FrankG
    I am all for "live and let live" except that when the President of the USA or the UK Prime Minister is a new earth creationist and or religious fundamentalist it DOES effect us all.

    Not to mention whole country/states where human rights (mainly female) and science, come second to religious dogma.

    I disagree with Robert mainly because I never signed up to say I was a "tolerant one". Is that a prerequisite of eating an LCHF diet somehow? Especially if being "tolerant" means keeping my mouth shut despite seeing things that are wrong.

    There are a great many good people (including many of my family) who go to "church" in one form or another but that is not the same as my pointing out the overall harm, and hate that underlies the organised religions. Including the harm they do to our children's futures by denying them honest scientific knowledge.

    BTW we didn't descend from monkeys... we shared a common ancestor with modern-day monkeys, several millions of years ago.

  14. Paul
    "...it doesn't affect YOU so there is no point trying to change their mind...."

    please go to Yemen or rural Pakistan and tell this to a 10 year old girl who wants to go to school or go back in time few hundred years in Europe sit down with Giordano Bruno or Copernicus or Galileo and say that religion does not matter. It still matters today in a big but very concealed way. Alternatively just wait few decades for sharia "law" to take over and see how mindless believe won't affect you.

  15. Le Rhinoceros
    Wow Comme c'est bizarre. Quite vitriolic as well. That's quite a broad paintbrush you've got there ;stereotyping report of Moslem beliefs.Surely we can avoid the lowly human past time of marginalizing and oversimplifying religious beliefs, cultures and people in general .Perhaps trying to understand what's going on would be more useful: what it is like being thrust into a modern world where being ridiculed is the norm and where culture and language are foreign. And to think that we as Western modernists have no mindless beliefs or irrational laws and politics is arrogant.Fear of shariah law:most important concern for us? Come now you jest
  16. Agreed, Shel !!

    Science is fantastic, it created our iPhone's and they're amazing. God created the heavens, billions of stars, planets and galaxies just because he can and to show us how great he is. The atheist doesn't know why we are here and has no hope. What is the point of you being here on this beautiful planet that was created for you ?

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