1. Steve
    Is it odd that I read the link to this post as "Do you want green teeth? Eat Paleo" and damn near spit my fried eggs onto my keyboard?
  2. Janknitz
    My dentist told me he was very disappointed because he was not going to be able to send his kids to college on work in my mouth!

    Pretty good for someone with extremely crowded, narrow arches, tons of old fillings (I grew up with a horrible diet!), who hates to floss.

  3. Mike
    I have found when I am on a low carb diet my teeth feel cleaner. I haven't found anyone else talk about that until now.
  4. Sammi
    Well, they didn't have Snickers, ice cream and cola!
    @Janknitz - I also grew up consuming a bar of chocolate each day..did you try a sugar detox? Look into the 3 week challenge on http://timreviews.com/21daysugardetox - I'm on 2nd week now, surprised that I'm still that disciplined.
  5. Jo
    You want great teeth? Wash them...

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