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Martina Slajerova is a best-selling UK cookbook author, recipe creator, blogger, and co-founder of the popular KetoDiet App.

Born and raised in The Czech Republic, Martina has a degree in economics but a passion for nutrition and health.

In 2011 she was working as an auditor in Prague, Czechia when she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism. The auto-immune disease, which attacks the thyroid, caused an array of difficult symptoms including constant fatigue, dry pale skin, brittle nails, and weight gain.

Seeking to manage her weight and restore her health and energy, she discovered the low-carb, keto diet. She stopped eating all sugar, grains, starches, and processed foods and instead focused on whole, low-carb, nutritious foods. Soon she was creating her own recipes, with a focus on fresh, natural, nutritious ingredients.

What started as a personal project soon became a new career helping and inspiring millions. Her early struggles to transition to the new diet spurred her and her partner to create, in 2012, the KetoDiet App app to help people find keto recipes and track macros and food intake. Her first of many cookbooks were published in 2014.

Martina is now the author of 10 best-selling international keto cookbooks, including her latest The New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: The Optimal Keto-Friendly Diet that Burns Fat, Promotes Longevity, and Prevents Chronic Disease; Simple Keto; and Beginners Keto. All 10 of her cookbooks are available from Amazon.

Martina has been featured in many international magazines, and media, including Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Glamour, ITV UK, and more.

In a 2018 video, Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt interviewed Martina at Low Carb Universe, Mallorca, about her keto journey and career. That 17-minute video interview is available for Diet Doctor members.

Diet Doctor is delighted to collaborate with Martina and share her delicious, wholesome, and inspiring recipes.


Martina’s recipes


Meal plan


Low carb: Mediterranean week with Martina Slajerova

This exclusive meal plan is provided by Martina Slajerova. She is a best-selling cookbook author, known for her low-carb and keto recipes.

The meal plan features Mediterranean-inspired low-carb recipes with fresh ingredients like fish, chard, garlic, herbs, and olive oil.

The recipes are handpicked by Diet Doctor’s recipe team from Martina’s bestselling cookbooks: The New Mediterranean Cookbook, Simple Keto, and Beginners Keto.

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Martina’s books

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Martina Slajerova Book Keto Simple
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