“It’s amazing how easy it is”

Before and after

Before and after

Here’s Mauro’s LCHF story, from Mexico City:

Hello Andreas,

My name is Mauro Chan and I’m from México City. I found your page while I was trying to learn more about sugar, from the best on this theme, Dr. Robert Lustig. I wasn’t fat, but I was overweight and I started to diet and exercise but with no good results and one day I found the truth about sugar and I’d quit, but then I discovered your page and it was a phenomenal discovery. I started to lose weight quitting sugar, but it went way better when I quit carbohydrates!!!! It’s amazing how easy it is and eating what I really want, so I started to make my little war against sugar and the very bad information of media to eat very bad and make us so sick!

I’d like to help people, and many of my friends joined me and they have very good results. My family and friends are kind of tired of me talking always about the same, but little changes will make a big difference in our life style.

I would like to thank you for your work, and in me you have a partner.

Thank you again, and I will share with you other friends’ changes and also my brother, one of my biggest achievements because if I decide to change, my life is to help people close to me.



Alfonso - before and after

Friend Alfonso – before and after

Congratulations on your health journey!


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  1. smc
    Congratulations Mauro! It's amazing how well the body responds when we stop poisoning it with improper food. And as impressive as the exterior improvement is, imagine how much better your insides are doing now as well. Keep up the good work and help spread the word.
  2. FrankG
    Congratulations Mauro... Good For You! And Alfonso :-)
  3. Mauro
    Thank you so much, and yes is so easy when we stop poisoning our body and now is my life style and of course i have more friends following this life style, never sugar again and low carb!
  4. tony
    Te felicito Mauro. Pareces un galan de novela. Serias tan amable de darnos mas detalles de tu dieta (gramos de carbohidratos, proteinas, grasas, que comes, haces ejercisios, etc.).
  5. Mauro
    Gracias Tony en realidad seguí los consejos de esta pagina y de muchos especialistas y dedique mi dieta a comer mas grasa y muy bajos carbohidratos, pero por sobre todo deje el azúcar en todas sus formas aunque debo admitir que para el café uso un sobre de Stevia, la dieta se basa en grasa como mantequilla, aguacate, chicharron, pollo, pescado, quesos y verduras que crecen por encima de la tierra y nada de papas, arroz, pan o dulces, el ejercicio solo lo básico y solo el peso de mi propio cuerpo y una mancuerna de 10k y solo 15-20 minutos al día.
    Tomo pura agua, o agua mineral con limón y sal o té sin azúcar.
    no mido las cantidades de comida, como cuando tengo hambre y evito todo lo que no se debe comer, cuando lo haces por costumbre se vuelve habito y es más fácil. Suerte!!!!
  6. Frank Chiarilli
    Congratulations. My friends no longer want hear the truth anymore. I started handing out business cards with the web site information and hope that it will make a difference

    I was able to keep my son from becoming diabetic after he was pre diabetic. He still is afraid of fat, though..

    Reply: #10
  7. Mauro
    Congrats only us can make de difference, but with example we can tell to the world: don´t be afraid abouth fat, be aware about CARBS!!!!
    The society is still with what doctors and media tolds us about cholesterol!
    So Wrong!!!!
  8. Joey B
    I know people on high carb meat/dairy free diets who are in just as good of shape as he is now! I guess any diet can work if a person can stick with it!
  9. Adrian
    Hola Mauro, cuanto te llevó el cambio total? Yo la verdad trato de no incluir tanto carne y pollo para que no sea alta en proteinas...y la crema batida y el queso los evito porque en uno de los consejos del doctor dice que los lacteos pueden perjudicar la perdida de peso...asi que me la paso comiendo ensalada, huevos y manteca durante todo el dia...

    Quisiera saber mas que nada eso, cuanto te llevo aproximadamente cada etapa de cambios. Veo tu foto con remera azul y yo tengo los mismos "pechos" de hombre que parecen de mujer...es horrible...hace 10 años no voy a la playa ni ando sin remera...la verdad leer tu historia me motiva muchísimo y no lo puedo creer, es como un sueño para mi (se me empezó a ir grasa primero de la cintura, despues de la panza, despues piernas, y todavia no se me va de los pechos... siempre me pasa este mismo orden, espero que pronto les llegue el turno)

    Muchas gracias!!

    PD: Lo de los pechos es grasa, no glandula mamaria mas grande de lo normal porque ya me hice chequeos, asi que por ese lado tranquilo.

  10. sten
    Maybe you can convince your son to read the book "Grain Brain". In it the importance of cholesterol for the brain is emphasized, and since your son must be smart and by now knows both DB-2 and heart disease is caused by excess sugar and modern bread, no reason for fat phobia should remain.
  11. sten
    Well done Mauro ! You wrote: "I started to lose weight quitting sugar, but it went way better when I quit carbohydrates!!!! " I agree that is the secret. 50 years ago when I grew up one really needed to gorge on cookies, cakes, candy and soft drinks to get fat. Today it has all changed because a new wheat was developed. A wheat giving many times higher harvests and a wheat that solved the world hunger.... It was introduced in the early 1980's and is now dominating the wheat market with 99% market share.
    Main problem with the new wheat is that it raises blood sugar 50% more than the old wheat, quicker than sugar. So eating it today is like gorging on what made us fat 50 years ago, day after day! Follows obesity, diabetes-2 and heart disease.

    So by cutting out all fast carbs we also cut out the wheat! Cardiologist William Davis describes this well in his book "Wheat Belly". Add some addictive properties of the new wheat that can keep us running back and forth to the kitchen all night for another sandwich and it could be a blockbuster like "The day after tomorrow", but it is here and now.
    So giving up such bread can be nearly as hard as giving up smoking for many. Luckily fat fills quickly and lasts long, so there is a way that you just showed!
    Doing what you did is great as Mexico now is on the road to or close to become obesity spot no. one and I hope many other Mexicans follow your example!

  12. Mauro
    Hola, el cambio ha sido constante, pero llevo 10 meses desde que renuncie al azúcar, yo amo la carne y en México somos expertos en carne grasienta, siempre ando en busca de variantes para agregar grasa a lo que diario como, y es seguir aprendiendo te invito a que sólo reduzcas tu ingesta de carbohidratos yo lo hago y como todo lo demás que esta permitido, ejercicio sólo lo necesario no me mato ni vivo en un gimnasio, de hecho jamás voy como dije trabajo con el propio peso de mi cuerpo en verdad! Y es maravilloso como responde el cuerpo, si quieres que te platique más te paso mi correo o para quien tenga más dudas! Saludos y ánimo!
  13. Martin
    Hi guys,
    how do you do that? I am third week on paleo and I gained 4 kilos:(. I dont eat any rice, bread, potatos, no sugar, no honey, no joghurts, very little milk, no beer... Dont get it. What can be wrong?
    Reply: #15
  14. Marie
    Muy guapo! Excellente!
  15. Mauro
    Muchas gracias Marie, and Zepp this is a very good info, other of my heroes Gary Taubes!!!
  16. Mauro
    Martin, maybe your intake of protein is high, you have to try what we say, your fat intake must be more that 75% of your diet try with that, eat avocado, coconut, of fat meat!!! no fruits at all! good luck!!!
  17. Vania

    Congratulations on your success and spreading the word.. I find this to be a fantastic approach with excellent results (I keep struggling myself but I keep getting back on the wagon everytime I fall). Keep sharing your message in our country since it is very much needed.

    Soy del Estado de México y ahora vivo en Veracruz! Gracias por pasar tu información de contacto y ofrecerte para que te contactemos, tal vez eso es lo que me hace falta a mí, contactar a alguien que ya superó y lo logró en mi propio idioma y con las cosas que existen en nuestra gastronomía. Te dejo mi correo también vv.vania@gmail.com.

    Saludos y muchas felicidades!

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