Why you can’t trust the weight loss advice of some dietitians

Coca Cola

Here’s a photo from a symposium for dietitians. It is not a joke.

This is why you can’t trust weight loss advice from some dietitians. He or she may have been trained by The Coca Cola Company. The largest professional association of dietitians in America have sold out to the junk food industry, as previously reported.

If you ask a dietitian for weight loss advice you’ll probably just be told to eat less calories. You can keep eating junk food once in a while and even drink soda, as long as you count the calories. This is exactly what the Coca Cola Company wants you to believe.

The truth is that this advice only suits masochists who enjoy being hungry forever. If you want to lose weight without hunger there is a better way to do it.


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PS: There are of course plenty of smart dietitians too. The photo above is from the Facebook page of Dietitians for Professional Integrity. If you’re a dietitian and want to feel proud of your profession I recommend you support them.

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