Tip: Don’t be afraid to add more salt, if you need it


Do you feel tired or low on energy on a low-carb diet? Do you perhaps even get a headache? Do you find it hard to concentrate? Are you lacking motivation?

These are common symptoms that can have a very simple cause: a lack of salt. And if so, you can get rid of the symptoms in 15 minutes, by drinking half a teaspoon of salt (about 2 grams) dissolved in a large glass of water. Alternatively have a cup of bouillon (the tastier option).

Salt has probable been too demonized. However, it’s true that excessive salt can raise blood pressure slightly, so if you have high blood pressure you should use this tip with caution.

Under normal circumstances though, and especially on a low-carb diet (that tends to lower blood pressure and increase salt losses), you’re probably going to do better with a moderate amount of salt. Not too much, but not too little either.

If you’re on a low-carb diet and feel low on energy and motivation, tired and unfocused… then consider adding some salt. If you feel much better within 15 minutes it is likely that you were low on salt. If so, you can repeat this tip daily as needed.

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  1. Ziad qaderi
    Are talking about normal salt ..chemically whitend salt
    Or thr the raw normal sea salt is the healthy one?
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  2. Bill
    Electrolytes (salts) should be balanced, lo-salt (or nu-salt) will give you potassium in addition to sodium. "White salt" is sodium only and you'd have to complement potassium (avocadoes, leafy green vegetables). There are many recipes online of a "keto electrolytes drink" with both sodium and potassium.
  3. Saacha
    In the US, you can buy Morton "Lite Salt" with 50% less sodium than table salt. It consists of iodized salt and potassium chloride. I imagine it is similar to the lo-salt, nu-salt mentioned by Bill.
  4. Apicius
    I stopped thinking about the dangers of salt. If you eat an LCHF diet like I do, your body gets nourished with real food and none of that manmade processed junk food that's full of all sorts of chemicals. Use whatever quantity of salt when eating real food on LCHF diet (like meat, fish, vegetables, etc). You will naturally use salt at adequate levels just by taste (and not measuring) without going overboard and causing any harm.
  5. wendy
    I've often suffered with low BP so when on LCHF i take salt now each week - not every day but at least two days i drink warm water with salt and find my energy levels increase again :) Thanks for taking away the mystery of this salt issue

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